Play Preview: "Much Ado About Nothing" Coming in November


Amidst the coming whirlwind of too-soon midterms, surprise papers due in a week, and the ever-changing lineup of faculty, St. Mary’s students will have a moment to laugh at the comedy-romance spectacle that is Much Ado About Nothing. The Shakespeare play about “betrayal, lovers, bumbling villains and incompetent law officers” is coming to Bruce Davis Theater November 7-9 and 13-16. Directed jointly by Prof. Michael Ellis-Tolaydo and senior TFMS major Madeleine Barry, Much Ado is going to have a very unique and distinctly St. Mary’s twist on typically traditional Shakespeare.

Stage manager and junior Austin Gore is behind the scenes, “making sure all the actors have arrived safely” and generally trying to “maintain the director’s vision.” While it is still early in the production, Gore says he “enjoys Shakespeare but does not have a favorite scene yet.” In total, around 42 people auditioned for the play and were accepted.

Senior and TFMS major Celia Rector is playing the character Hero, a woman that falls in love with the soldier Claudio. Rector says of the play, “I absolutely love Shakespeare, and this comedy has always been one of my favorites. There is something special about it, because while a lot of the jokes and situations are over the top, all of the characters have a genuine love for each other, and really are trying to work towards happiness.” The play will certainly be a welcome distraction from midterms, when the time comes around for it to grace the stage. Be sure to grab a ticket when November rolls around, for it is sure to sell out fast.