Darya's Pop Culture Talk: Who Will Die in Season 5 of The Walking Dead?


    Warning: This opinion contains spoilers for those who are not caught up with The Walking Dead!

    A couple of weeks ago (Sunday, March 30), The Walking Dead Season 4 finale aired on AMC. Before – and since – the season finale, there have been rumors and theories floating around regarding who will be the next to die on the show, and whose deaths will follow as Season 5 progresses. Let’s look at the candidates (according to most people who have posted to moviepilot.com). There’s Carol, the motherly character who lost her daughter to the zombies (a.k.a. “walkers”) in Season 2. Then there’s Glenn, the Asian guy who’s now engaged/maybe married to Maggie, Hershel’s daughter. There’s Tyrese, a large Black man with an excellent beard who has been traveling with Carol and a few kids, including Rick’s baby daughter, Judith (yes, she is still alive, even after the prison was raided by both people who wanted to live there and walkers, for those who were wondering). The fourth person in the possible lineup is Bob, the not-so-recovering alcoholic who is always carrying a backpack. Finally, there’s Beth, Maggie’s sister and Daryl’s traveling companion until something unknown happened to her and she disappeared in a random car. Daryl was also put in line for the chopping block by some fans, but let’s be honest: no one will watch the show if he’s dead. He is one of the only good characters on the show anymore, and the fan base will decrease by A LOT if they kill him off.

    Personally, the only person on this list I think has a really good chance of dying in Season 5 is Beth, but only because she is probably already dead. No one knows what happened to her after she disappeared a few episodes ago, and she can’t really take care of herself. While she and the others lived at the prison, she took care of the kids, and never really had to do any heavy lifting. I’m pretty sure if it were just her and a bunch of walkers, she would die within seconds.

    Why none of the others on this list will die: Carol will do literally anything to survive. When Lizzie (a girl who’s probably about 12 years old) killed her sister, Mika (maybe 8 or 9 years old), to prove to Carol and Tyrese that walkers are not dangerous – she would be “proving” it when her sister turned – Carol shot Lizzie in the head because she and Tyrese realized that it would be a bad thing to have this girl around baby Judith (who she also wanted to turn into a walker). She might have been kind of messed up and delusional, but she was still just a kid and Carol killed her, showing that she will do anything. In Season 3, she killed two people who were sick in order to attempt to prevent others from getting sick and dying and turning into walkers (a plan which ultimately failed). Glenn won’t die because of the stereotypical “love conquers all” belief that so many TV shows and movies seem to adhere to. Glenn is unofficially married to a woman, Maggie, that he met at a farm while traveling with Rick and others in Season 2. Since then, the two have relied on each other to stay alive, and so far it has worked. Glenn is also not bad at taking care of himself. Tyrese, as said before, is large and powerful, and really good with his weapon of choice, a hammer. He has kept others alive, as well as himself. He has been surrounded by walkers on numerous occasions, and taken them out all on his own. If he can do this, I doubt he will die any time soon. Plus he saved a baby from walkers, so he’s too good of a person to die (then again, so was Hershel, and he was beheaded by the Governor). Finally, Bob probably won’t die because, even though he’s loud and useless and an unreliable alcoholic, if he has not died yet, he probably won’t any time soon. Everyone else has been very good about taking care of him, and I don’t think they will stop now – unless he falls too far behind one day, then maybe they’ll finally just leave him there to fend for himself.

    Who I think will die: I think Rick has a good chance of dying. For the longest time, he has been all talk and no action. There was one point in Season 4 when he was sick or injured, and Carl (his son) had to take care of him. Carl had to look for food and water, barricade the house they were in, kill walkers when he went out. There was one point where Carl was attacked by a couple of walkers while he was alone, and almost dead. Rick was basically useless. Since Rick and his company were driven out of the prison they had made a home, Rick never stepped up, forcing Carl to take care of him and become tougher than he was. It’s true that Rick lost his wife when Judith was born, but Carl was the one who had to shoot his mother before she became a walker. Rick also believed that he lost his baby girl, but the loss was not only his, it was Carl’s as well. The first time he stepped up since the prison raid was in the Season 4 finale, when he literally killed a guy by biting him in the throat because he threatened to hurt Carl and Michonne. At the very end of the episode, Rick was reunited with a bunch of his old companions in a large storage container, and he said (about the people who put them there) that they had no idea who they were dealing with. But is it true that he can step up and escape alive with the rest of them? At this point, I’m not convinced he will see the end of Season 5.  As a side note, I also think Eugene will die. Eugene is a doctor who claims he not only knows what caused the zombie outbreak, but that he can cure it. All they have to do is get him to Washington, D.C. But having a guy who can cure the walkers would be too easy – I’m pretty sure he’s going to get cornered by walkers and then turn into a walker himself. Besides, there isn’t much point in curing the walkers anymore, both because there are currently significantly more walkers than living humans (how is he planning on getting the cure to all of them?) and most of them are so mangled that curing them and turning them into living humans will kill them (people cannot live looking the way most walkers do, if you get my meaning). This possible plot hole suggests that we don’t really need Eugene.

    The Walking Dead comes back in October 2014 (according to IMDB), so stay tuned!