St. Mary’s Raises Over $4,000 Dollars for Christmas in April


by Elena Napolitano

Where in the world can you find Townhouses, private lessons from Professors, and free food? The Christmas in April Auction of course! On Friday, Feb. 21, the school held the 18th annual auction to raise money for the Christmas in April program. The program has been based in St. Mary’s County since 1991, and tours the county on the last Saturday of April fixing the homes of the less fortunate. In order for the program to continue in its success, St. Mary’s generously makes an effort each year to raise money. This year the money raised at the auction will sponsor the repair of an elderly man’s home, one of hundreds of homes the program has helped to repair.

Thanks to the generosity of students and staff alike, the school was able to offer some fabulous items to bid on. The night started off on a thrilling note with a heated competition for the ability to park anywhere on campus. Dave Sushinsky’s voice boomed and paddles jumped up and down, racing for a chance for vehicular freedom. In the end, the two highest bidders paid about 200 dollars for the privilege.   Like most years, the most popular items were priority housing for Waring Commons (WC) and the crescent Townhouses. While most items went for 50 to 100 dollars, the bid for priority housing in Waring Commons escalated quickly to thousands of dollars. Two lucky students won suites in WC for 2,400 dollars each!  Jonathan Herald, a lucky winner of a crescent Townhouse for only 250 dollars, remarked excitedly, “It was exhilarating to have won housing for next year! It’s a relief to know that I have housing for next year, and that I can choose whomever I want to live with me!”

Other items included cooking lessons with Big T, a Basket Cheer (filled with pub bucks and a nice bottle of wine), priority class registration for Fall 2014, and a personal security guard for a day with Sgt. Tony Brooks. Although the exact amount has not been calculated, it is estimated that the school raised a couple thousand dollars for the Christmas in April Program – great success for all. As sophomore Sarah Holter put it, “The auction was an exciting start to the night, and I’m glad it’s for such a great cause!”

If you wish to volunteer your time for the Christmas in April Program, call 301-884-2905 or visit them online at