Jacqueline and Maia Attend a Basketball Game


By Jacqueline Gross and Maia Morgan

Wow..what a season! Both the men’s and women’s basketball teams have had stellar seasons with spotlight moments, which demonstrated both teams’ unrivaled skills on the court as well as their excellent sportsmanship. Their blood, sweat, and tears all led up to the cream of the crop, the big Monty, THE FIRST ROUND OF THE CAPITAL ATHLETIC CHAMPIONSHIP (CAC)!  And what a game it was!

The women’s team fought valiantly throughout their first game of the CAC, against Salisbury. They ended the first half of the game down by only four points, and came back for the second half with great enthusiasm and determination. Salisbury, however, proved to be more of a challenge than ever before and maintained their lead through the second half. Although our women’s team won’t be going to the second round of the CAC, they went out with a bang providing for the graduating seniors a warm goodbye and a season they can all be proud of!

The men’s basketball team added yet another victory to their repertoire after the first round of the CAC against Marymount. Let us set the scene. First half: both teams were jockeying for a lead; men sweating, muscles bulging, armpit hair flying in the wind; hearts of the fans were frantically beating with anticipation of what was to come. The first half ended neck-and-neck: 40-38 Seahawks. While Marymount tried their hardest to catch up, the gap continued to grow throughout the second half. St. Mary’s five powerhouse starters made basket after basket, even adding a little flair by hanging on the basket – more than twice! Junior Nicholas LaGuerre, recently named to the 2014 Allstate NABC Good Works Team, upheld this honorable title by contributing 21 points to the team’s victory. Ablaze with talent and a great haircut, sophomore Troy Spurrier also scored 21 points. The three skillful senior starters of the team, Donn Hill, Brendan McFall, and Kyle Wise, also played a phenomenal game full of double-digit scoring, rebounds, and assists. First year Pat Ryan was also a standout player of the night, scoring 9 points over the course of the game contributing to the final score of 95-80.

As the men’s team progresses on through the course of the CAC we wish them the best of luck and want them to know that we are cheering them on and will be proud of them no matter what. The women’s team can relax and enjoy their great season.

Congratulations to both teams for a wonderful year. Peace, love, and cats.