Eric Schroeder Named Student Trustee for 2015-2016


Eric Schroeder, a sophomore, was named last week as the Student Trustee-in-Training for the 2014-2015 academic year. During this time, Schroeder will be trained by next year’s Student Trustee, junior Taylor Schafer, before taking over as the official Student Trustee in 2015. Schroeder is the treasurer for the class of 2016, a senator for Lewis Quad (LQ), a staff writer for The Point News, and a student conduct board member. He is double majoring in Political Science and American Public Policy and minoring in Economics.

The Student Trustee is a position designed to facilitate communication between the student body and the College’s Board of Trustees. Students use the Student Trustee as a sounding board for all of their questions and concerns regarding the direction of the College’s comprehensive plans for the coming years, and the Student Trustee will then voice these concerns to the Board of Trustees.

“I plan to give the student body a voice to the Board of Trustees, because I believe that is the most important aspect of my position,” said Schroeder of his role in serving the College. “This means that I want get more opinions from those who are hyper-connected on campus. I want to get the voices and opinions of those who regularly might not be able to voice their opinions whether because of sports practice, rehearsals, study groups, or any other commitments.”

Considering the College’s unstable financial situation last spring following the unexpected shortage in accepted students, Schroeder plans to make the College’s finances one of his priorities. “This is a problem that the whole campus should have input on and I will work to make that happen,” he said. “I understand that this is something that is hard for any Student Trustee to accomplish, so I want to make sure that this is something I actively work on.”

Schroeder will be introduced to the Board of Trustees at their general session meeting on Saturday, Feb. 22 in Glendening Annex at 8:30 am. The meeting is open to the public, including all students, faculty, and staff.