A Letter from Ms. Elsie


    The following is an edited transcription of a handwritten letter from Elsie Dickerson, a former employee of the SMCM housekeeping staff. As reported in the previous issue of  The Point News, Dickerson was fired last semester under uncertain circumstances. Since then, students have signed an online petition created by junior Ruth Tyson to remove “fired with cause” from Dickerson’s employment record, and an online fundraising petition to support Dickerson financially until she begins to receive her unemployment compensation.

    To whom it concerns:

    I wanted to write to you all—students of St. Mary’s College, including those in [Waring] Commons, Calvert Hall dormitory, LQ residents, Health Center nurses, Schaefer Hall faculty and staff members, and other concerned employees of the housekeeping department who wanted to get a chance…to support Ms. Elsie…

    I just want to say how [honored] and appreciative you all made me feel! It’s something I will never, ever forget for the rest of my life!

    I know quite a few of you fought for me in order to get my job back as a caregiver in the Housekeeping Department, but as some of you know, that would be impossible for Ms. Elsie, and management probably won’t make any arrangements to have it happen. Mostly based on the past work-related issues held over my head up until the last incident where an employee reported a fake accusation that got me fired. Working along with an uncontrollable superior who deliberately intervened and contributed to quite a few of counseling sessions that I alone could not have started by myself, and even more complicated, a matter that management won’t step up to the plate on allowing certain work-related issues of certain supervisors to continue on assaulting one’s pride. [S]howing disrespect on one’s interest (as far as employer’s job performance; [f]avoritism, a role that if any supervisor accept[s] could destroy the fairness of doing their job successfully or effectively; but most of all, to listen to [someone] say false accusations on another employee’s point of view, playing a role in employee’s work force.

    Again—management failed to stop. Enough is enough. I always believed and will always say right up to this day: if you respect others, that same respect comes to you in return. And up to the day of October 9, 2013—at Waring Commons—I was wrongfully misjudged by an employee who stated to management that I “argued and performed aggressive misconduct” and wrongfully told them that Ms. Elsie “threatened” her. A horrible thing to say and to use against anyone.

    Again—management failed to assist me in this. It was a horrible lie that was mishandled by housekeeping management, [who] along with Human Resources [have overlooked] up to this point in time [a] letter I wrote [to them] to see what [the employee] meant by  saying I “threaten[ed]” him/her. [There was] no matter of investigation on this issue…It seemed that [they were] not concerned and this was pushed under the rug…to be overlooked.

    I just continue to pray that God will change the minds of people who worked in such conditions I faced, to speak up for your rights—especially when you know in your heart “It is true.” God bless and take care of all of you!

    With all regards!

    Ms. Elsie