Students Travel the World with the Cultural Dance Show


This past weekend, the newly founded Cultural Dance Club took St. Mary’s around the World with a variety of dances from all over the globe, with two showings on Friday the 15th and Saturday the 16th in the recreational courts of the ARC.

The show began to the tune of The Proclaimers: “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles), as President Jessica Chen packed her suitcase with the other club officers to travel from the U.S, to Jamaica, Israel, India and China by song and dance. The first dance consisted of an American swing dance to “Lindyhopper’s Delight” under Americana lighting, followed by the Jamaican Basket Dance. Third was an upbeat Israeli Circle and Line Dance, in which the audience clapped along to “Hine Ma Tov”. Shortly after the Intermission was a Bollywood Dance followed by a Chinese Ribbon Dance to complete the audiences journey. To wrap up the show, the club pulled about half the audience on stage and perfomed a Pop Culture Mash up of pop songs from around the world from “Cupid Shuffle” to “Don’t Stop the Party”.

Overall, the show had a great turn out for their first performance with a full set of bleachers on their opening night. The best part about this showcase was that it truly embodied an array of cultural dances. Not only was the show able to provide a worldly presentation to the students and visitors of St. Mary’s, but it also allowed students from a variety of cultural backgrounds to share their talent and embrace ethnic traditions with a new perspective.