SMCM Institutions Series: The Green Door


On Route 5, in Park Hall, MD, there is a hole-in-the-wall tavern called The Green Door. Why? Because it is a small green building with a small green door.

When you walk into the building, immediately to your left is the bar, and to your right is the beer pong table and ATM (placed conveniently together to remind you that without cash there’s no beer, and without beer there’s no beer pong). There’s a wooden railing that runs the length of the building on the right (with a few openings for people to walk through) and behind the railing there is the ping pong table, the pool table, and even the foosball table. At the far end of the building there are arcade games (Nascar, Golf, and an “Open Season” game that isn’t on half the time), but the most fun area is where the two dartboards are. The dartboards are hidden – you have to go all the way around the bar and turn a corner to find them, but they’re there, right by the emergency exit. There are also two wooden tables with unattached benches that are placed randomly and usually have large bowls of peanuts in the middle (which means there are usually peanut shells all over the tables and floor).

The entire tavern has a very rustic feel, with wooden floors, walls, benches, tables, and railings. All of the decorations have to do with beer – the tavern feels like an advertising campaign. There are Bud Light signs, a mirror with a Yuengling logo, a Corona sign (that isn’t a mirror but does reflect), and many more. In addition to the advertising decorations, there are Christmas lights that run along the walls. Don’t mistake the beer advertisements for their inability to serve anything else. I have heard tell that their vodka cranberries are amazing and they serve a wide variety of hard liquor shots.

In terms of food, there isn’t much. For the most part, people order a bag from their small variety of chips (probably Doritos or Lays, which I am told are their own food group), but the Door does make and serve pizzas. Every Monday, there is Pizza & Pitcher Night, where they serve a pitcher of something alcohol and a pizza for a very good price, and on Wednesdays, they have Taco Night, though I think more people go for the Pizza & Pitcher deal, because alcohol is involved in the deal itself.

The Door receives student reviews that range all over the spectrum. I have heard “amazing” and “awful” and everything in between. I personally think it is a very fun place to go. Even if you don’t drink, just going and playing darts with friends is a fun activity. The place can be very noisy, depending on when you go, so you might not want to go with a large group of people (you probably won’t be able to hear everyone talk), but going with a few friends is always worth the experience. Even those people who hated the Door and never want to go back, I have never heard anyone say they regretted going.

If you are 21 or over, I highly recommend going at least once. It’s small town fun (disregard the fact that it isn’t actually in town), but fun nevertheless.