Food Review: Bear Creek BBQ


If you’re a vegetarian, you can probably stop reading this review; Bear Creek is not a place you want to go. Omnivores should pay attention. You want meat? You want it on bread? You want it for fewer than six dollars? If you answered yes to these questions, then you should definitely check out the Bear Creek BBQ. The restaurant serves beef, pork, ham, chicken, fish, and a multitude of Americana sides. This reporter had the opportunity to sample the pulled pork, the sliced beef, and the pulled beef sandwiches. All three were delicious. The pulled beef, in particular, was a work of minimalist art.

The Bear Creek BBQ solidly meets the three main criteria for a good restaurant. One, the food is delicious. Their meats are well-prepared and served without cluttered fixings. Sides are sold separately and come in their own containers. This separation allows you to enjoy the taste of the meat you ordered without having to wade through too many other flavors.

Two, the food is affordable. A sandwich at Bear Creek costs about six dollars, sides are two. Those with big appetites may be inclined to spring for racks of ribs or platters that are more expensive, but even these larger items are very competitively priced. I should also point out that Bear Creek also offers all of its meat in deli packages for those who would rather build their own sandwiches at home.
Three, the service is top quality. Since Bear Creek is all carry-out (with picnic tables outside) its quality of service basically comes down to the speed at which it fulfills orders, which is phenomenal. During this reporter’s trip, about six patrons came through Bear Creek. Not a single one spent more than three minutes waiting for their food.

Bear Creek BBQ is located about one mile down Piney Point Road, off of Point Lookout Road. The picnic tables outside are a perfectly nice place to sit and eat. Patrons may also consider driving their meal three or four miles down to the George B. Cecil Memorial Park, where space and quiet are generally plentiful.

The only negative thing I can say about Bear Creek is that it lacks vegetarian options. That said, it is a BBQ place dedicated to selling large quantities of delicious smoked meats. Personally, I find it kind of refreshing that they didn’t bother to slap some mediocre vegetarian option onto the menu. It’s not that I have any problem with vegetarian food, quite the contrary; but I do appreciate establishments that commit to doing one thing really well. At Bear Creek, that thing is preparing meat.