We Are What We Eat: Exploring Food Week


From October 20th to 24th, during a time known as St. Mary’s Food Week, the campus community is invited to take a deeper look into where our food comes from and how it has been processed. This year marks the first time St. Mary’s has celebrated National Food Day, a campaign for “healthy, affordable, and sustainably-produced food and a grassroots campaign for better food policies,” according to the organizations website.

The various events include a talk on the 21st by Brett Grohsgal and Christine Bergmark about local agriculture and produce, and a documentary at 6pm on the 22nd designed to educate people on sustainable development of agrarian resources. On the 23rd, from 4-5pm Associate Professor of Anthropology Iris Ford will be speaking on the growing plight of migrant farm workers in America.

All this will, of course, culminate in the celebration of National Food Day at the Campus Center, an event advertised to have “…face painting…  free recipe cards, farmers market maps and seasonal buying guides, and [the opportunity to] take a picture with our produce mascots!” Later on in the day, from 5-7pm there will be a a cooking competition based on the Food Network program “Chopped” in which groups comprised of St. Mary’s students will compete using locally sourced food to create the best three-course meals they can.

The stated goal of Food Week is not to simply be an event for raising awareness of food sources; the goal is to encourage students to put into practice what they learn, whether it be through volunteering, buying locally-sourced produce, and brainstorming even more ways to make a difference in food sustainability.