Linda's Cafe Serves Up a Great Continental Breakfast


Linda’s Café is an American-style breakfast shop located at Tulagi Place, next to Vintage Values. The walls are covered in photographs, animal pictures, and campy artwork. A cork board near the booths is tacked over with local business cards and event posters. Food is served on paper placemats that feature the local-est of local advertising. Patrons can sit at booths or at four-person tables.

The Linda’s menu carefully treads the line between strange and typical. The restaurant’s staples are sound; the bacon is crispy, the eggs are cooked as requested, and the toast is brown-not-burnt. The menu is expectedly diverse and offers a healthy variety of waffles and omelets. However, Linda’s also features a smattering of more unusual items. This reporter ordered the Golden Grahams Belgian Waffle. Through some arcane method that is not known to this reporter or mainstream molecular gastronomy, dry Golden Grahams cereal is placed within the womb of the Belgian waffle. This effectively produces a cinnamon and brown sugar flavored waffle that is perversely soft on the outside and crunchy on the inside. The entire concoction is drenched in melting butter and warm maple syrup.

The café’s other eye-catching menu item is its Capt’n Crunch French toast. Unlike the Belgian waffle, the standard recipe for the French toast has not been noticeably altered. Instead, crushed Capt’n Crunch cereal pieces are scattered on top of the dish. This means that moist mushiness of the French toast is complimented by the addition of a dry crunchiness; much like the Golden Grahams Belgian waffle. Junior student and friend of The Point News, Margret Stetler-Stevenson, sampled the Capt’n Crunch French toast and found it was “pretty good, the inside was little doughy; but the cereal bits were nice.”

Another stand-out item, which is not likely unique to Linda’s but was new to this reporter, was the jalapeño bacon. Unlike many flavored bacons, this treat introduced a new flavor without diluting or overpowering the sacred bacon flavor of the bacon itself.

A full breakfast at Linda’s costs about $10 and seems to take between 15 and 20 minutes to prepare. Even accounting for the business of the restaurant at the time, the wait for the food was slightly longer than might normally be expected. All in all, Linda’s is a fine venue for those seeking a heavy, continental breakfast.