Alumni Band 'Drops' New Album


A St. Mary’s alumni band, Drop Electric, is receiving international coverage. The DC-based band, featuring St. Mary’s alumni Neel Singh and Ramtin Arablouei, has been recognized on both the national level and as far as the United Kingdom, where Clash Magazine recently featured one of their videos, “Blue Dream.” Bob Boilen from “All Songs Considered” on National Public Radio compared Drop Electric with the popular Icelandic band, Sigur Rós. Indeed both bands have a haunting, goosebump-inducing sound which leave a lasting impression. Boilen summed up Drop Electric with one word: “Epic.”

Tribal sounding percussion mixed with Kristina Reznikov’s moving vocals and a selection of electronic distortion and bleeps creates a diverse sound and makes it difficult to label the band’s music a genre. “We’ve been classified as post-rock, post-punk, shoegaze, electronic, and metal,” says Singh. “Honestly, I think all those labels can apply to different parts of our music. We take it as a compliment that people can see so many different types of sounds in our music.” Along with a unique sound, Drop Electric is also very much a visual band with live projections playing during their show.

There is no denying that the band has a St. Mary’s sound. Singh recalls spending a lot of time in Montgomery Hall, which is where he and Arablouei learned the basics of songwriting and production. Arablouei in particular was heavily influenced by the poetry of late Professor Lucille Clifton. “She was his mentor and really impacted him deeply as a person,” says Singh. “Her poetry and voice basically narrated our first album, ‘Finding Color in the Ashes.'” Singh believes that both SMCM and Clifton live through this album. The band hopes to one day return to St. Mary’s and perform for the student body, so keep your eye out for news of a future performance. This is a band that St. Mary’s students would surely enjoy. Their first album on a record label, Lefse Records, will be released on October 22.