The Lexington Restaurant and Lounge–Food Review


I went to The Lexington Restaurant and Lounge on Great Mills Road. I had always wondered what the distinction of restaurant and lounge meant, so I jumped at the chance to eat there. The first thing I noticed after pulling up to The Lexington was the wrought iron bars on the exterior of the windows, and the lace curtains on the inside, a juxtaposition that continued throughout the restaurant. When you walk into The Lexington you can either go right or left; the right offers a very nice dining room with crystal chandeliers, a fireplace, and small tables with four chairs. However, if you venture to the left of the entrance you get a whole different experience. The left side houses the bar, black and white linoleum flooring, glowing Corona signs, Keno, virtual horse racing, and two T.V.s playing Family Feud and Storage Wars.

When my roommate and I walked in, our waitress seated us on the right side. I had heard from other reviews online that the best thing to order at The Lexington are their breakfast meals, followed by their open-faced sandwiches. Unfortunately, due to the timing of our arrival, the cooks were no longer preparing breakfast. Nevertheless, we found food on the menu that we wanted. My roommate took it upon himself to capture as many appetizers as possible, ordering loaded cheese fries with bacon, a pound of chicken wings, and mozzarella sticks. I went a different route and ordered one of the specialties: an open-faced turkey sandwich. It was not until after we placed our orders that the real enjoyment began at The Lexington.

We were approached by one of the hostesses named Heather, a 33-year-old from Pennsylvania who was actually working her last night at The Lexington on the evening we went. Heather asked if we wanted to play trivia, apparently a Tuesday night tradition at The Restaurant and Lounge. Of course we wanted to play, so we took our waters and ventured over to the bar section of the restaurant. It was then that the evening turned from a nice dinner out to a hilarious experience. Our food arrived and it was excellent, the chicken was cooked to perfection, the sandwich was to die for, and the cheesy fries were certainly fully loaded.

But what really made the meal excellent was the atmosphere that the locals brought to it while we played trivia. I will say, however, two things that lowered my opinion of the place. First, the service was a little slow. Second, this is not a family friendly atmosphere, at least during dinnertime. However, if you are looking for a restaurant with home-style cooking, cheap prices, excellent 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s music, and an atmosphere that truly cannot be beat, The Lexington Restaurant and Lounge is the place for you. The locals and the staff made us feel like regulars and made us promise we would come back. The atmosphere alone had me giving this place high marks, even before I threw in the southern hospitality and good food. I give The Lexington 3.5 stars out of 5.