St. Mary's Day Reflects Public Honors College Image


On Friday March 1, the St. Mary’s community gathered in the Great Room to celebrate the second annual St. Mary’s Day.

St. Mary’s Day was started last year to provide a day for the campus to come together to discuss issues such as race, stereotypes, and the College’s vision as a whole.

This year the focus of the day was on the school’s label as an honors college since this is the twentieth year of St. Mary’s being the public honors college in Maryland.

The St. Mary’s Drum Corps opened the ceremony leading into President Joe Urgo’s opening welcome and overview of the day. Urgo’s speech was followed by a reading of the 1992 legislation enacting St. Mary’s as an honors college by Dean of Students Roberto Ifill, and also remarks from Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty Beth Rushing, Professor Emerita Laraine Glidden, and 2003 alumnus Jayson Williams.

After the reflections on St. Mary’s as an honors college by those above, presentations were then given in the Great Room, Cole Cinema, and Library 321. In the Great Room was “The Honors College at Work” with an alumni panel, “Creating an Honorable Campus Community” in Cole Cinema, and “The Honors College and the Core Curriculum” in Library 321.

After each presentation was over, break out groups met in various rooms around the Campus Center discussing questions in accordance with each above presentation topic. The discussions groups were led by student facilitators.

The day was wrapped up with a closing ceremony and discussion in St. Mary’s Hall at 4:30p.m.