Food Review: Staff Writers Have Platonic Date at Courtney's Seafood


What were your first impressions of the restaurant?

Jacob: I wasn’t sure that it was a restaurant. From the outside, it looks like a post-apocalyptic bait and tackle shop.

Jeremy: This building is a concrete shack. Not the adorable kind, more like the kind that makes sub-par food and isn’t even sorry about it.  Being basically on a beach, however, it has great potential for sunny days.

How would you describe the atmosphere?

J: Casual and quiet. We were the only two customers during our hour-and-a-half man date. Perhaps things get busier but that seems unlikely as we were there during prime dinner time.

J: Not terribly warm and inviting; it’s run by an elderly couple who would rather that their food do the talking.

Did you have to wait very long for your food?

J: The wait was between 15 and 20 minutes. Though maybe on the long side, the wait is pretty well excused by the freshness of the food being served.

J: Not at all, especially considering the amount of food we ordered.  Also, we were occupied with readily available soup.

What did you order and how much did you like it?

J: I had the crab cake platter. In addition to two large crab cakes, the dinner included a trip to the salad bar, a hot bun, and a bowl of soup. The crab cakes were fantastic. It has been my finding that crab cakes almost never taste bad. As a result, their quality depends on texture and seasoning. At Courtney’s, the crab was so smooth and so immaculately cleaned that I could have mistaken it for hot, crab flavored, ice cream. Even better, the crab was mixed with bits of mild pepper that was spicy but not overwhelming. The soup was thick, flavorful, and comforted my soul as I waited for my order.  In addition to our meals, we ordered an appetizer of six lightly breaded oysters which tasted like gifts summoned by Poseidon, god of the sea. I’d also like to give special mention to the potato salad which is now the standard to which I will compare all other uncooked, vegetarian picnic foods.

J: I had fried oysters for an appetizer, chowder, and the fish basket (basically fish and chips).  The fried oysters were done perfectly and tasted very fresh.  The chowder was creamy but not too heavy, and the fish basket was great.  This basket had the crispiest French fries I think I have ever had, and the fish was moist and flaky.

Was the food well priced given its quality?

J: I think so. My meal cost about $16 and the appetizer cost $8. I should note we went there for dinner. The lunch menu prices were closer to the $10 range for similar food in smaller quantities.

J: Yes.  They advertise “caught daily” seafood and it certainly tasted that way.  There was also a lot of it to go around.

Would you ever eat there again?

J: I already have.

J: Definitely.  It’s not an every-week kind of thing for me given how expensive seafood is, but I was impressed enough to go back.

Do you have any other comments about the restaurant?

J: It was delicious. Go there if you are not in a rush and don’t feel like dealing with pushy hosts. I recommend the oysters and the crab. I’ve been told that the fish is just as saintly, but I cannot speak for the land-food.

J: Plainly put, you don’t go there to be waited on hand and foot.  You go there for great food and a good view.  It’s quiet, and you will certainly enjoy yourself.