2014-2015 Student Trustee Selected


On Feb. 8, the current Student Trustee, sophomore Taylor Schafer was selected as the Student Trustee for the 2014-2015 school year. 2014-2015 Student Trustee Taylor Schafer

After an arduous process of selection that involved student forums and an interview with the Board, Schafer beat the three other candidates for the position. When asked how she felt about her win, she humbly stated,”I feel really lucky to have the opportunity to represent St. Mary’s among such a great group of people.”

Schafer developed an interest in the position after going to a Board of Trustees meeting earlier in the school year to cover a story for The Point News. “I became interested in the concept of the Board and how they affect the students,” she said. “A couple of people around campus encouraged me to apply so I decided to do it.”

Taylor is the senator of Prince George Hall in the Student Government Association (SGA), the Managing Editor of the Point News, an Orientation Leader, a student ambassador, a Hawk Radio DJ, and a member of the club volleyball team, so she is no stranger to managing her time. “It’s going to be a learning process to get used to the new responsibilities as Student Trustee, but I think that the transition will be smooth with Michael Killius’s help next year,” she said. Michael Killius is the Student Trustee for the 2013-2014 school year.

As Trustee, Schafer is most concerned with reaching out to the student body as a whole, instead of addressing only student representatives. “I would like to see students, faculty, and the administration communicate easier and more often than they currently are about important issues.”

Overall, Schafer is excited to take on the challenge of representing the student body on the Board.