Smcm Insults: an Insult to St. Mary's


    The Smcm Compliments Facebook account is a wonderful addition to the St. Mary’s social media community. It brings to light all the wonderful people on our campus by sharing why we love them in a positive manner. Plus, receiving a compliment easily makes your day.

    But this week, I received a friend request from the newly created “Smcm Insults” account. It posts insults about various people on campus.

    I don’t know who runs the account, but so far some pretty rude things have been said. I am sure these are meant to be humorous and aren’t serious, but I think the whole thing should be ended immediately. To be honest, it makes me a little sick.

    Doesn’t the idea of an insults page seem a bit regressive?

    We have things like the St. Mary’s Way, St. Mary’s Day, and open discussions about various topics on campus to try to promote more positive dialogue and an overall positive atmosphere at St. Mary’s.

    Smcm Insults just seems like a very easy way to breed the wrong kind of community feel: a false sense of who we are. And if this is who we are becoming, we need a serious wake up call. Pages like this are what leads to cyber bullying. And I’m not saying that this page will, but it certainly has the makings. Does anyone remember Formspring?

    Plus, if people from outside our community see posts from the page, they most likely won’t know it’s a joke. Imagine how that might reflect on us as a school.

    One of the main reasons I came to St. Mary’s in the first place was because I felt really drawn to the tight-knit community full of people who care about each other and are proud of their achievements and goals. I’m sure a lot of other students feel the same way as well.

    Smcm Compliments reminds me why I go here, and makes me proud to share this campus with such individuals mentioned by its posts. Smcm Insults is an insult to the College itself and just makes me sad.