Dance Club Dances Like It's the End of the World


The annual Dance Show hosted by the Theater Department had performances that ran Wednesday through Saturday that showcased the hard work of the Hip Hop Class and Dance Club in the Bruce Davis Theater. All of seats were filled before the show even started and an excited chatter permeated the air. Soon the crowd quieted down as the lights dimmed and the first act came out to break the ice.

The head of Dance Club senior Asia McNeil danced with her club mates to Ke$ha’s “Die Young” and “So Good” by B.o.B. Each performance was choreographed by a different member of the Dance Club and varied from Rihanna to Skrillex and the Sherlock Holmes theme song. Senior Rakeena Banks performed in two acts and thought “the show went really well. There was a lot of hard work put into it, everyone meeting for practice week after week so they could learn their dance and to create this great show! Everyone did a great job, and the choreographs had great ideas. My favorite part had to have been ALL the dances, just watching everyone in their element, it was beautiful!”

Before the break between Act One and Act Two, Professor Leonard Cruz performed his own solo piece to an English Carol named the Holly and the Ivy. Cruz showed how energetic and enthusiastic a dancer he was through the free form of his expression. Cruz commented on how he thought the event went and said, “I believe that the SMCM community was very responsive to the Dance Club’s performances. It was also nice to see many families supporting the dancers in the concert.I thought the two alumni pieces were quite amazing and the students performed these pieces with charisma.” There was an intermission halfway through performances and the crowd was abuzz with energy. When the show resumed, the lights again went out and we were treated to Hans Zimmer’s ‘Discombobulate’ from the movie Sherlock Holmes. As the night wore on, the performances continued in their excellence and precision.

While the dancers were on stage, behind the scenes students like senior Ruth-Ann Lani Tyson who manned the technical crew were making things run smoothly. Their job is “make sure all of the dancers that are usually dispersed throughout Monty are on stage in time to perform. It’s pretty hectic the first few rounds but after we get the hang of it things run smoothly. It feels great to be a part of one of the biggest events on campus,” said Tyson. The tech crew used walkie-talkies to communicate and make sure everyone was where they were supposed to be. Since the dance show is so highly regarded on campus, Tyson emphasized that “it’s imperative to have everything run smoothly”.

The show was packed Friday and Saturday, with people trying to squeeze in wherever they could in the theater. All involved in the performances strived to bring the best possible show they could, as McNeil commented on their “hard work and flexibility” and how “the club and the people in it meant the world to her.”

This year’s Dance Show was especially well-received by the campus and was certainly a stellar showcase of SMCM talent.