Choose Your Own Adventuravaganza


Take One! Improv dazzled students in Cole Cinema on Friday, Nov. 30 at 10 p.m. with their final event of the year, the “Choose Your Own Adventuravaganza Improv Show.”

The show started like any other, each member of the troop getting up on stage and introducing themselves with a quick quip; this time, however, jokes were made surrounding the quickly approaching winter break.

A special theme to the night arose with the explanation of the “Choose Your Own Adventuravaganza” aspect of the show. Junior and President of improv Ben Israel explained, “I’m going to be the story-teller, and I’m going to tell the magnificent tale of our cast of characters. Except [the audience is] going to get to take part in it.”

After prompted, the audience shouted out various locations for the story to take place, from Narnia, to an insane asylum, to the final option of the Titanic after it had been sunk.

The cast of characters handled this bizarre location with grace, starring as characters of their own imaginations – sophomore Jacob Taylor as Titanic’s captain, junior Kevin Koeser as the Captain’s young son, sophomore Michael Gill as a man who had survived the sinking by floating on a door, sophomore Delia Titzell as an inebriated stowaway. First-year Windy Vorwick portrayed an Anglerfish by the name of Jill, sophomore Dylan Hadfield took on the role of a blood thirsty and terrifying shark, and sophomore Eden Anbinder as the biggest and best shark hunter in the world.

With the power of applause, the audience got to choose between two scenarios possible in the story, sending the characters in one direction or another.

There were highs and lows to the journeys of these shipwreck survivors. The cast brought the audience on a journey between two fish plotting to kill, and four men on a lifeboat attempting to survive, only to be injured both by the fire they attempted to create, marooned on the iceburg – which was actually a ship is disguise – that sunk the Titanic, and the shark that ate the leg of the captain and ultimately took his life. A bittersweet ending came when the partnership between the shark and the anglerfish ended when the captain’s death was avenged. All of this was interspersed with comedy that sent the audience into fits of laughter, leaving them hanging for more.

With the audience screaming in favor of befriending poor Jill the Anglerfish instead of letting her succumb to the hungry shipwreck survivors, the story ended on a high note, despite the casualties of two beloved characters.

As could be presumed by the bountiful laughter and cheering from the audience during the show, nothing but positive reviews streamed from the crowded cinema after the show ended.

First-year Taylor Foley was highly impressed. “I loved the whole story. They do such a good job of thinking on their feet. It was my first show, and I really want to see them next semester.”