The Name Double Dilemma: Why Emails Can Be Inconvenient


    Every student is bombarded with emails. You could ask a few of us how it feels to be sent someone else’s emails. It is beyond aggravating. I have a name double with only a different middle name. It’s not her fault I get her emails, or that she sometimes gets mine but it is frustrating when I email the people back who sent out the emails and they continue to send me her emails. I understand that people’s lives are hectic and they don’t notice but when we specifically ask not to receive the emails—they still continue. It’s not too horrible to just delete or forward emails about clubs and such but it could get worse.

    Dean Ifill recently sent out an email about a case of email mix-ups, where confidential emails were being sent to the wrong people. This could have the potential to be really damaging to each of these people. Email is a vital way of communication here at St. Mary’s and people need to stay diligent. There are plenty of people with similar names and emails.

    It will take some work to remember to check names and delete incorrect emails off emailing lists, but I’m sure we can do it.