Athlete Spotlight: Sara Wubbenhorst


Residence assistant, outdoors enthusiast, rugby player and overall cool cat senior Sara Wubbenhorst has got it going on. An eight man in the St. Mary’s Women’s Rugby Team, she is a dedicated player who doesn’t mind getting scuffed up a bit. While she did not play any sports in high school, she has played at SMCM since her first year.

When asked how she got into rugby in the first place, she replied, “I just signed up for all the clubs at freshman club fair and rugby was one of them. I don’t know, I just liked it.”

Off the field, Wubbenhorst is a human studies major. When she is not at practice four days a week, she is usually working as an RA in Queen Anne’s second right hallway. Since being an RA is a full time commitment she only has time to be involved with one other club – Psi Chi, the psychology honors society. She  also enjoys doing outside based extra-curricular activities such as kayaking, hiking or camping.

Wubbenhorst was very excited for the Oct. 27 semi-finals that SMCM hosted. She has always been a forward and started out as a lock her freshman year. Her favorite part of rugby is the team bonding and the weekly team dinners. She is also the captain for the forwards and loves to help rookies learn rugby.

“It’s been an interesting year since half the team are rookies now. We beat Towson 88 to 20 and that was pretty cool.” Wubbenhorst feels like rugby is a difficult sport to learn at first but that through her four years here, she has progressed in her abilities and understands the game much better.

Currently, she is trying to get through her senior year and also earn a spot in the MAT program next fall. After she graduates, Wubbenhorst hopes to become an elementary school teacher and put all her hard work at SMCM to good use.