The Plight of On-Campus Parking


    Not many things about this campus annoy me – the exception is usually related to parking, such as parking in the wrong lot or parking badly.

    I live in Waring Commons (WC), and we have two parking lots that we can park in that are close by, Lots R and S; the lot that most people want to park in is Lot R. This list of people includes those who do not have a permit for Lot R. They come to this lot and park here for a quite a while; it’s completely understandable if they need to park here for a few minutes because they need to drop something or someone off, or if they have some other reason to be here for a brief period of time, but there are some people – myself and a few of my friends included – who have parking permits for this lot and who can’t find a parking spot in their own lot. I have come back from an off-campus volunteer project and have only been able to find one spot, because almost all of the other empty spots have been taken by someone who doesn’t have a permit to be there. It gets quite frustrating (talking to several other people about this, they have said the same). There is a reason people get parking permits: so they can park in a designated lot.

    As if that isn’t bad enough, people can park really badly on this campus; it doesn’t matter if it’s in their designated lot, they still manage it. For example, there is someone in Lot R who actually belongs here, but who as somehow manages to park in two spots simultaneously. Their car is halfway in one spot, and halfway in another. A friend of mine needed a parking spot, and both halves of those two spots were the only spots near her building that were open, but she couldn’t park there.

    Admittedly, I’m not great at parking. But the worst I do is end up with my wheels on the line; I never go over the line (I don’t like invading the spaces where other cars could be). It’s pretty bad, but at least someone can still park there. It’s those people who feel the need to not even bother trying to park properly that annoy me the most, even more than those people who park in a lot that they don’t have a permit for.

    That said, there are times where I feel like I have a chronic fear of taking my car into town because I feel as if I won’t get a parking space in Lot R. It’s not a great feeling to have, and I wish that people with cars would respect others and save them aggravation.