Miss Meghan: SexFest!


    Dear Miss Meghan,

    What is this ‘SexFest’ event I keep hearing about?



    Dear SchoolIsCool,

    First of all, I appreciate you taking the time to be a fictional person asking a question I made up just so I could write about and self-promote SexFest. Thanks.

    The short answer to your question is that it is an awesome event where students can come learn about sex and sexuality. In costumes.

    Longer answer is that it will be held on Saturday, Oct. 27 from 1pm-5:30pm. We have an exhibit hall area with off campus agencies, clubs, sex games (like sex Jeopardy), free stuff (tons of condoms), snacks, sex secrets, and other awesome stuff. Last year we had a giant Vulva, draw your own orgasm, Burlesque Club performance, and condom balloon animals! We will have raffles throughout the day (as well as during our keynote speech), t-shirts, and stickers for the first 200 students who show up. At the keynote presentation we will also be having a “best costume” prize, so dress up. I will also be in costume, so it will be worth it just for that.

    Our keynote speaker this year is Dr. Timaree Schmit who, sticking with the Halloween theme, will be interactively presenting on: Vampires, Leatherface, and Girls in their Underwear: Sexuality and Fear in Horror Films. Timaree Schmit, Ph.D. has been a professional sexuality educator for over a decade, starting as an HIV prevention counselor and tester, and is now an adjunct professor of human sexuality at Widener University, a syndicated sex columnist, host of the Sex with Timaree podcast, and guest lecturer and consultant on issues related to sexual health, diversity, media literacy, and social justice. Her work can be found at on iTunes and at SexwithTimaree.com. She can also do a mean dinosaur impression, but she only does it if she really likes you.

    The event is put on by the Peer Health Educators and Programs Board and this will be our second annual SexFest event. If you or your club would like to get involved, have an idea for the event, a question, or just want to tell me how great this is, email me at mkroot@smcm.edu. You can also find out the details on the Peer Health Educator Facebook page (SMCMPHE). See you there!

    Sincerely SexFest is going to be awesome,

    Miss Meghan