Things Get Hairy on the Campus Center Patio


On September 25th, students wishing to donate their hair for a good cause could sign up and receive a free hair cut, plus a drastic new look, knowing they did a good deed.
Organized by Services and Social Change, hair can be donated to one of two groups, or dropped off. According to one of the coordinators, Katie Morgan, class of 2013,”Stylists come and donate their time. It’s all volunteer based, and depends on how many people are interested.” The stylist, Mis Amber, has come for the last three semesters, and only does this for St. Mary’s. “I figure, why not? It’s for a good cause.”
In the past, they have accepted donations for Locks of Love, a charity organization that makes wigs for kids under 21. Most recipients of the wigs have a medical disorder called alopecia areata, which causes the hair to fall out and has no known cure. The wigs help keep their confidence up and have a brighter outlook on their future. This semester, they added Pantene Beautiful Lengths, an organization partnered with the American Cancer Society, that provide wigs for women facing cancer. They understand that women can feel a loss of identity when their hair falls out, and the wigs help make them feel themselves again.
This year one, six people donated hair, and they received two drop-offs. For many, it was their first time. Emily Cerna, class of 2016, gave eight inches to Pantene. For her, it was a very personal decision. “My aunt had breast cancer and lost all her hair, knowing that I could help is good.” Losing so much hair can be a shock at times, and the donators knew how important having hair can be to help, and how crazy it can be to lose it. “If you had asked me two weeks ago if I’d be cutting off eight inches of my hair, I’d call you crazy!” In the end though was she proud of her donation? “I am glad”.

-Orion Hartmann