Artist Spotlight: Johanna Siobhan Guilfoyle


Some people are born natural artists, and Johanna Siobhan Guilfoyle is certainly one of those people. With her bright brown eyes and pixie cut, she’s all spunk with a hint of edge and her artwork is completely unexpected.

As a sophomore biology/art double major student her pieces are primarily biology based, as opposed to the modern art most people imagine upon meeting Guilfoyle. This mix of subjects results in truly amazing pieces such as the one she did for “The Artist as Naturalist,” a book done in collaboration with the St. Mary’s Arboretum. Her painting of a knockout rose (pictured here) was done for the book which was linked with the class “The Artist Naturalist,” which she took last semester.

Guilfoyle attended Baltimore School for the Arts, something that is very apparent in her style of drawing. Guilfoyle said, “It is a very traditional school in the sense that I really only took one digital art class and the rest was very classic drawing, painting, sculpture, etc.” This has definitely influenced her current art as she prefers these traditional mediums. “I love illustration and working with media such as illustration markers and gouache,” Guilfoyle added.

Guilfoyle is currently taking Figure Sculpture, as well as Intro to Visual Thinking, and she thoroughly enjoys both classes. Her Figure Sculpture class is especially helpful for her dream job: being an anaplastologist. Anaplastology is a very specific medical field dealing with the construction of prosthetics and Guilfoyle has wanted to work as an anaplastologist since the 7th grade. She has made biologically accurate replicas of the human face before (also pictured here) and the work is very detailed and laborious.

At the age of nineteen, Guilfoyle is a very talented young woman who knows where she wants to be in a few years time.