McClintock Now Interim Director of Public Safety


Following the recent departure of former Director of Public Safety Dave Zylak, Melvin “Mac” McClintock was named Interim Director, and has taken over the supervising position.

McClintock has worked for St. Mary’s College of Maryland for five years as Assistant Director of Human Resources and as the College’s Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action officer. He has also worked as the Title Nine coordinator of the college. McClintock began working as Interim Director in early July, however he does not intend to apply for the permanent position.

“They were looking for someone to take on the responsibilities of helping to manage public safety, but they wanted it to be someone who wasn’t interested in the full time position,” McClintock said. “I was asked and I said ‘sure.’ I am capable of doing it, but I am not interested in the job on a full time basis.”

McClintock earned his Undergraduate Degree at Wilmington College in New Castle, Delaware. Following graduation, he served for twenty years in the Air force and earned his Masters degree at Patuxent River Naval Air Station. Having retired from the Air Force, McClintock began working various jobs, including for Morale, Welfare and Recreations at the Naval Base, Human Resources Director for the County, and as a Consultant for Nonprofit Organizations.

McClintock stresses the importance of student safety and common sense when on campus.

“I really support what President Urgo said about student responsibility,” he said. “I can tell you from experience, and from just being in the military and on other campuses, you can’t drink as much as they can make. So pace yourself, don’t drink to excess. If anybody has done that, you know you pay the price – if not that night, then the next day. If you’re going to drink, do it responsibly. Don’t drink and drive, don’t drink and get on your bicycle, don’t drink and get on your skateboard. Those things lead to accidents.”

“I think one of the challenges that first-years face is freedom” McClintock continued. “There’s no one here to tell them when to go to bed, tell them when to get up, tell them that they can’t go out to a party at one in the morning. That self-discipline has to come in, that sense of responsibility. It’s individualized. They’re not here to party; they’re here to learn. One of the things I would say to these kids is get a grip on that, and you’ll be fine and you’ll do well.”

“Public safety has a lot to offer the student body” McClintock added. “One of the things I’ve said to students during orientation is to travel in pairs, make sure you don’t get isolated, lock your windows and doors at night – common sense stuff. Use the blue lights. If you think it’s an emergency, that’s the only definition that we need. There are two thousand students and that means two thousand different definitions as to what an emergency is, and that’s okay.”

McClintock also mentioned his hopes that students take greater care when parking their vehicles in lots that they may not be assigned to, and when leaving their rooms without a key. Some of the most common call to Public Safety are due to parking violations and room lockouts.

Currently, new Interim Dean of Students Bert Ifill and others are searching for someone to fill the permanent position as Director of Public Safety. According to McClintock, many resumes have been submitted. The delay in finding a replacement, said Mclintock, is due to a need for student input, which was not possible to acquire until students returned to campus. Following the selection of a permanent Director, McClintock plans to return to his position as Assistant Director of Human Resources.