Changes to Campus Internet Service


Over the summer, the Office of Information Technology at St. Mary’s instated several new changes to the campus internet service. The campus librarians, led by Veronica Arellano Douglas, launched a new website for the library that is “both informative and easy to navigate,” said Beth Rushing, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty in an all-student email in early August.

The staff also applied an upgrade to Portal, resulting in a “visually appealing makeover with improved layout of, and navigation to, the web content in the Portal,” said Assistant Vice president for Information Technology Michael Gass on the IT News on Campus blog.

One of the most exciting changes was the institution of a program to provide technical support to students who want to use wireless routers in on-campus housing, a privilege not offered to students before the fall semester. Students who wish to take advantage of this service must take their routers to Baltimore Hall for router configuration and registration with the Bradford Persistent Agent. Once the wireless connection is established, other students may access the signal, but if they do not meet ResNet Security Standards, everyone who is connected to the device will be moved to the remediation network until all devices are updated and scanned.

Finally, to sweeten all of the changes, students were informed in an all-student email from the representatives of the student body on the IT Task Force for Network Service Improvements that OIT is in the final stages of applying upgrades to the internet service that will “yield a five-fold increase in internet bandwidth/speed on campus.” The project should be completed in the next few weeks.