Artist Spotlight: Rose Davidson


You’ve seen her around campus, the tall first-year with the pink-tinted hair. Rose Davidson, a Studio Art major, is looking forward to a future career in architecture, graphic design, or some other related field.

A graduate of Charles H. Flowers High School in Capitol Heights, Davidson has wanted to be an artist from a very young age. “I’ve always been extremely interested in art,” she said. “My grandmother is also an artist and I’ve always looked up to her, even when I was little.” Her preferred mediums are ink and charcoal, which are difficult to erase and make her hands messy, something she likes. “People think art is something easy,” Davidson said, “but it takes a lot of hard work to create art, at least the kind of art that I create.”

She is looking to expand to other mediums, and is planning to graduate with a minor in computer science. “Minoring in computer science will help me become more familiar with using software and being more comfortable with using a computer alongside my art.” Davidson hopes computers will play a big part in her future “with graphic design, hopefully working together with other businesses or perhaps even starting my own business or firm.”

For now, though, Davidson is has found a new source of inspiration here at St. Mary’s. “I was thinking about maybe focusing on modes of transportation here on campus, because you have all these different ways of getting around St. Mary’s. You have people on bicycles and scooters, and there’s even a guy on a unicycle. So I’ve been thinking about submitting something with that theme to Avatar. That would be nice.” So in a future issue of Avatar, look out for Davidson’s drawings of St. Mary’s students on the go. Who knows, she may even get inspired by you!