Spring Dance Show A Worldly Performance


Performed in Bruce Davis Theater for anyone lucky enough to find a seat, this semester’s Dance Show was an impressive combination of well-rehearsed choreography, diverse participation, and inspiring messages.

The Spring Dance Show, titled “The World Is Our Stage,” was performed at 8:30 p.m. on April 18-19 and 7 p.m. on April 20-21. Composed of 28 performances spread over two acts, the roughly two-hour show was far from small this year, and the size certainly did not come at a cost to quality.  One of the most popular performances of the night, “America’s Best…Degrassi!?!?” (choreographed by Jemarc Van-Axinto), was performed first and included 16 dancers on stage reflecting on what it really means to be “cool” in school.

The show did not lose momentum after dance number one, with well-practiced performances throughout the evening. The dances themselves were not only large groups of St. Mary’s students, but also individual and two-person dances. Almost all of the Senior Spotlights, or dances choreographed and performed by a senior in the club, were done individually, including (among others) Alyssa Ames’ “Girl You Know,” and Colleen Brummitt’s “If It Kills Me.”

Songs used throughout the night included those from Florence and the Machine, Coldplay, Rick Astley, Brooke Fraser, Timbaland, Scarface, and Christina Aguilera, all encompassing the worldly theme of the show. The performances themselves, as always, also reflected such diversity, with performances not only being upbeat and exciting but also romantic,  funny, cute, and somber. Each dance group had a different story to tell during the show, and did so in a seemingly flawless way.

Those who stayed in the theater during the intermission (between acts one and two) were treated with a performance choreographed by Dance Club alum Ricky Ramos, who recently graduated from the College. The performance was powerful, fast, and upbeat, and certainly seemed to get the audience excited for act two.

The second half of the performance began with “Four Years on the River,” with 15 performers choreographed by Holly Callan.  With six of the 14 performances being senior spotlights, act two mirror-reflected act one, though the performances were far from similar. The humorous “Internet Trainwreck” dance choreographed by Marina Carlson in act one was balanced well by Allison Romano’s “Jailbreak” in act two.

The entire theater was filled for the Friday evening show, forcing some of the students to sit in front of the seats on stage. A taped line on the stage indicating the area where people could sit, a line placed for good reason given that several performances worked right to that line to give those in front an up-close and personal view of the dance.

Sponsored by Assistant Vice President of Academic Services William “Lenny” Howard, the show turned out to be an overall success, well-succeeding last semester’s spectacular performance. The Dance Club is headed by President Holly Callan and Vice President Maurielle Stewart.