“The Big Picture App?” Explores Global Issues of Technology and Social Networking


On March 29, “The Big Picture App?,” which according to the department of Theater, Film, and Media studies (TFMS) website is  director Meredith Taylor’s “latest and final project for the college,” opened in the Bruce Davis theater for the 2011-2012 theater season.

The play explores hot topics of our modern society through satire, media clips, poetry, music, and other artistic forms. “The Big Picture App?” comments on an array of global issues such as our dependency on technology, personal health, self-perception, and the environment. The play looks at how we deal with these problems and how we can find solutions on a community level.

The central theme of “The Big Picture App?” is how technology affects our personal lives. The play reminds us how contradictory it is to be connected to each other through technology, such as social networking sites, while being disconnected to each other in reality and on the simplest, human level.  The play features personal and localized links to SMCM as the cast gave their own backgrounds and discussed topics such as the living wage, mold, and Occupy DC.

As an original piece written by the cast, “The Big Picture App?” was a beautiful and eye-opening performance. It offered a different way of confronting the issues that haunt us on a daily basis. As the ensemble faced cancer, media constraints. brainwashing, and nuclear warfare, one couldn’t help but be in complete awe of the effort that went into the play. The actors’ individual performances were especially powerful and enjoyable to watch.

Despite a minor sound glitch, which the cast handled professionally, the play was a wonderful success. It was also innovative to use recycled material to form the stage wall and the masks and costumes such as senior Briana Manente’s  bottle label lab coat. The cast also welcomed and involved audience participation by speaking to them personally, giving them certain roles, and allowing them to sit in seats around and on the stage.  Through laughs and gasps, the play definitely got its point across.

“The Big Picture App?” will continue to run through Saturday, April 7. Tickets can be reserved by emailing the box office at boxoffice@smcm.edu or by calling 240-895-4243.