Seniors Celebrate 50 Days Until Graduation


Held on Friday, March 23 at the Historic St. Mary’s City State House, the Class of 2012’s 50 Days Reception marked another milestone towards senior graduation, and a time for introductions, recollection, and celebration.

Marking the fiftieth day until graduation for the Class of 2012, the reception ran from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m., and included speeches from several administrators and students, as well as alcoholic refreshments.

“In the real world, you have to wear shoes,” said Director of Alumni Relations, Dave Sushinsky ’02, reading submitted quotes from St. Mary’s graduates as advice to the newly graduating class. Introducing the reception, Sushinsky offered a toast to all seniors, wishing them well in their final days as St. Mary’s undergraduates. Seniors toasted with specially-designed Class of 2012 wine glasses, with a slight bend in the stem that, while unintentional, exemplified the “uniqueness” of St. Mary’s, according to Sushinsky.

College President Joseph Urgo was also present for the event, asking the class to take the chance to slow time down in the last 50 days before graduation in May.

“Let us hope we can make these days go as slowly as possible, to accomplish what you must before you leave,” he said.

Urgo also offered a warning to seniors: be wary of large amounts of advice that would befall newly graduating seniors.

Baltimore Mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, the graduation speaker for the Class of 2012, also took a moment to recognize the senior class at the reception. In regards to her commencement speech, she said, “I was hoping to make [the speech] shorter, but after talking with some of [the seniors], it would be wrong of me to do any less than all 2.5 hours.”

Following Rawlings-Blake, Class of 2012, President Stephon Dingle, also had a comment for his fellow seniors: be wary of senioritis, which, according to Dingle, has already struck him. Dingle also mentioned some of his memories of his time at St. Mary’s.

Following concluding remarks from Assistant Dean of Students, Kelly Schroeder, students remained outside of the State House, overlooking the St. Mary’s River.

Wine was provided as a Class of 2012 gift from President Urgo, who provided red and white wines (one free of charge) for seniors of age.