HAWK Radio Presents: Rob Fahey


On April 17, the HAWK Radio is pleased to present our very first live performance, featuring local legend Rob Fahey.

Rob is well-known on the Baltimore-area music scene, having been active as an artist since the 1970s.

He released his first album in 1977, as leader of the band Hollins Ferry. The album had a Beatles-inspired pop-rock sound and featured all original compositions. In the 1980s, Rob was the leader of The Ravyns, easily one of the most popular bands on the Baltimore music scene. In 1982, The Ravyns traveled to L.A. where they recorded Rob’s composition “Raised on the Radio” to appear in the film and on the soundtrack to the hit film Fast Times at Ridgemont High alongside music from Jackson Browne, Don Henley, and The Go-Go’s. The success of the soundtrack led to a record deal with MCA, and in 1984 the Ravyns released their self-titled debut album featuring entirely original compositions.

In 1985, the video for the song “Rhythm of the Heart” won MTV’s Basement Tapes Competition for independent artists, solely based on viewer support.

Following the break-up of The Ravyns, Rob formed a new group, Word of Mouth, and continued to be active in the Baltimore music scene. 1992 saw the release of Rob’s first album since the break-up of The Ravyns, backed by his band The Pieces. Since then, Rob has continued to perform, both solo and with The Pieces. Ravyns reunions occur sporadically, and Rob also occasionally performs with members of The Ravyns and Crack the Sky as B.A.M.B. (The Badass Makeshift Band). Rob is also still active as recording artist, releasing Trust Me, I Do This All the Time in 2007, Live at Sheffield in 2009, and Christmas Card in 2010.

Rob will be performing an acoustic set on the campus center patio featuring original songs from Hollins Ferry, The Ravyns, and his solo career. In addition to being a talented singer and songwriter, he is also a phenomenal guitar player. The HAWK Radio is pleased to welcome this Baltimore legend to campus.

Please invite your friends to this awesome show. The rain location will be Aldom Lounge.