For Parking Tickets, a Request for Consistency


    I would like to start by saying that Public Safety does a great job helping the students and keeping us safe.  I deal with Public Safety on a weekly basis and for the most part they are always courteous, friendly, and helpful.  I trust Public Safety and appreciate all that the officers and staff do for the students.

    Nevertheless, I would like to talk about something that I have seen becoming a problem for Greens residents.  There is an issue about the area across from the DPC staff parking spaces, the area near the dumpsters.  The problem is that sometimes the ticketing of cars in this space is enforced as a fire lane infraction and sometimes it is not.

    I, along with a number of other Greens residents, have received $50 parking citations for parking in this space; the citations name “Blocking a fire lane” as the reason.  I have even seen students’ cars towed from this area for the infraction.  These tickets are sometimes written in the early morning hours or on weekends.  However, DPC staff and other staff consistently park in this space on a daily basis.  Furthermore, when there are events in DPC, guests park and double park in this space making it hard for any car to get through, let alone a fire truck.

    Now I know I am not supposed to park in this area, but there is a significant difference between a $20 ticket for unauthorized parking and a $50 ticket for blocking a fire lane.  If this area really is a fire lane then it should be consistently enforced as such.

    This means not only ticketing and towing students but staff and guests as well.  Also, it would seem that if this area really is a fire lane, then enforcing the rule about blocking the fire lane should be emphasized when the building is full, such as during events or business hours, and not in the early hours of the morning on weekends.  All I am asking for is consistency in the ticketing of this area.