Perkins and Petersen Platform


When most people think of government, they think of boring buildings, stuffy suits, and a lack of true representation. However, we are here to change your mind. In this platform, we, Shelby Perkins and Thor Petersen, would like to formally announce our candidacy for Student Government President and Vice President.

The Student Government Association at St. Mary’s has a huge impact on every student here. Not only do we approve and fund clubs but we also bring your concerns to the administration. Without us, you wouldn’t have a Bike Shop or Safe Ride!! We are normal students just like you who want to represent you and your concerns to those in charge of St. Mary’s. Although we have only been here two years, we have learned a significant amount about the school in our time and are here because we want to help improve it.

Leadership skills are necessary to holding such positions and Shelby and Thor have plenty. For the past two years, Shelby Perkins has been the president of the Class of 2014, giving her experience leading an executive board. Together with her board, she works to raise money for the class while providing fun and entertainment for the entire school. If you went to Mr. SMC this past fall, that’s a little taste of what Shelby is capable. Since being elected to SGA, she has only missed one meeting and has been named the head of the Food Committee. Some other roles Shelby has had on campus involve being a student ambassador, being a member of the varsity women’s soccer team, and a member of many clubs, including FUSE, Invisible Children, and the Newman Society. In addition, she is a double major in Political Science and Spanish and has been on the Dean’s List every semester. However, her greatest accomplishment so far at St. Mary’s is being able to walk into the Great Room alone and always find someone new to sit with.

Thor is a newcomer to SGA but is certainly not new to leading a group. He is undoubtedly focused on academics, exemplified by the fact that he is an English, Economics, and Public Policy triple major. But he’s not only brains. He is also a member of the varsity swim team, the vice president of Model UN, a member of ODK leadership honor society, and the managing editor of the Nitze Newsletter. Chances are you’ve seen him around campus, had class with him, or seen his leadership skills in action. He is certainly a presence and one that would be capable of leading the school.

But leadership skills aren’t important if the goals are wrong. Going into the new school year, our main goal is to represent every single one of you. We have already begun going around and asking opinions on what students have problems with at St. Mary’s and the answers are extremely diverse. While some students have problems with departments, others want changes in housing. We do not plan on going into office pursuing our own agenda but rather bringing what students want and need to the table. We will use our positions to create the St. Mary’s you came here for so that you have the best four years possible.

One way we plan on doing this is by creating more student representation when the administration is planning the future of our school. It isn’t right for us to be told what will be happening and then asked our opinion of it. We should be there first hand and giving our thoughts as they give theirs. This is our school and we deserve the ability to decide where it is heading in the future.

We’re hoping that these points will show you what kind of candidates we are and how we are looking to run the Student Government. If you have any questions please stop us on the path, or approach us at the Great Room, or even Facebook message us if you want. You should feel safe and secure in whom you are voting for, and you’ll find that in Shelby and Thor.