Artist Spotlight: Jacqueline Brady


Senior Jacqueline Brady: biology major, captain of the varsity women’s tennis team, and talented dancer.

Brady began dancing when she was three years old. After years of dance she joined a competitive troupe and began traveling to competitions. Her career was put temporarily on hold when she turned thirteen, as she decided to take up other interests such as soccer and tennis. When she came to St. Mary’s, Brady once again found her love of dance and became a member of Dance Club and the Hawkettes Dance Team.

“When I danced competitively, it was very stressful,” Brady said. “It involved many hours on the road and constant practice. I was young and wanted time for other interests, which is why I eventually stopped. When I came to St. Mary’s, however, I made several friends who were involved with dance on campus. They convinced me to revisit my passion. I immediately noticed how welcoming and encouraging Dance Club members are. They strive to include everyone, regardless of skill level.”

According to Brady, dance is a way to express herself as well as to relieve stress. After a long day of work and school, Brady admits looking forward to dance practice as a way to unwind.

“I dance because I love it. It is so fun and relaxing; it makes any other worries melt away. I have also made many great friends because of my involvement in dance on campus,” said Brady. “My time here has reminded me why I used to be so passionate for the sport.”

This semester’s Dance Club performance will feature a dance choreographed by Brady. She will also be performing in several other dances in the show, and invites students to come out and enjoy the event.

“I have always found the shows to be captivating and entertaining,” Brady added. “I think they are an amazing display of the diversity and talent of St. Mary’s students. Personally, I have had a rewarding experience with the club. I truly enjoy dancing with my peers and performing in the shows. I would strongly encourage anyone interested in dance to join.”

“I have never considered myself an artist,” she continued. “For me, dance has always been a form of self-expression and exercise. I am just glad to have the opportunity to express myself alongside so many other talented dancers.”