Seniors Celebrate 100 Days Until Graduation


Taking part in one of St. Mary’s College of Maryland’s many time-honored traditions, the Senior Class of 2012 recently gathered together to celebrate having only 100 days left until their undergraduate graduation.

On Thursday, Feb. 2, a large amount of the graduating class gathered for the 100 Days event at the local bar, The Green Door, for a night of cheap drinks and old friends. With a large number of students starting to arrive around 9 p.m., The Green Door soon became packed full of college students by 10 p.m., with many staying right up until closing time at 2 a.m.

“It was really awesome to see so many different people from our class all in one place, though definitely bittersweet,” said senior Echo Presgraves.

The event, hosted by the Class of 2012 executive board, consisted of students trying to beat each other at pool, darts, and beer pong; catching up with friends that they have met throughout their years at the College; and a few rounds of singing along and swaying to the song “Wagon Wheel.”

“I think the event was a great success!” said Vice President of the Class of 2012, Emily Gershon, who helped with the event. “Everyone I saw there seemed to be having a great time. I got a lot of thank you’s, which were really appreciated, and I saw my favorite professor and got to catch up with him!”

As part of the event, the Class of 2012 also sold pint glasses that displayed the College seal and the words “Class of 2012” written below it. Originally, the Senior Class was told that they would automatically receive their first pint free if they used their Class of 2012 pint glass while at The Green Door.

Confusion with this process soon struck later, as another Senior Class e-mail was sent out by Gershon saying, “In order to make 100 Days run as smoothly as possible we are changing the process a little bit. From now on with your purchase of a Senior Class pint glass you will receive a ticket which can be redeemed at the [Green] Door for your free pint.”

Unfortunately for those that had already purchased their pint glasses and had not received the ticket, they needed to respond to the e-mail in order to have their tickets sent to them.

For the students that arrived at The Green Door before 10 p.m., with pint glasses in hand, they were met with confused looks by the bartenders, who had not heard about the one free pint of beer deal.

“There was some miscommunication between the Class of 2012 Exec Board and The Door,” said Gershon, “but it was resolved as soon as the issue was brought to the Exec board’s attention, and tickets were redeemed for beer shortly thereafter.”

While the Executive Board of the Class of 2012 does not make money off of the event itself, they do gain the proceeds from the sale of the pint glasses. Out of the 288 glasses ordered, 255 were sold, allowing the Class of 2012 to gain a few hundred dollars as a profit.

“100 Days was a ton of fun and it was great to see everyone out together celebrating,” said senior Kathleen Tatem. “I still can’t believe we will all be graduating in less than 100 days now. It has all gone by so fast!”

The Class of 2012 will be celebrating again at The Green Door for only having 50 days left until graduation on Friday, March 23, in less than six weeks.