Close Quarters and Strong Cosmos: Senior Cocktail Delivers


For graduating seniors, another milestone has passed. Though 100 days isn’t until this Thursday, Feb. 2, senior cocktail is a thing of the past. The cocktail, which was held Friday, Jan. 20, was held at the Inn at Broome Howard and was limited to the first 70 seniors to buy tickets (which were $15 for students under 21 and $20 for those of legal drinking age).

Though the cocktail was close to empty when it began, shuttles leaving from Daugherty-Palmer Commons (DPC) brought crowds in droves and it quickly filled up. At the entrance, legal students were handed two drink tickets to use at the bar; after that, students could purchase drinks. The bar offered two beers on draft, an Irish Stout and a Ruddy Duck Light, both of which are brewed at the Ruddy Duck, a restaurant located in Solomon’s. For wine, students could choose either a dry white called Yellowlegs or a red called Red Drum. Both wines are from former St. Mary’s President Maggie O’Brien’s vineyard, from her line called Slack. The bar also offered cosmopolitans as the cocktail option.

As a disc jockey (DJ) played music, students mingled, danced, drank, and snacked on platters of cheese, bread, vegetables and dips. However, some students were disappointed that the cocktail was limited to 70 students and others were unhappy that the event was never advertised as first come, first serve.

“I just thought it was weird that we were never notified that there were a limited amount of tickets available,” said senior Adrienne Gordon. “I was able to get one, but none of my friends were, so I ended up selling my ticket to someone else. I really would have liked to have gone because I think it would have been a fun opportunity to dress up, spend some time with friends, and enjoy my night with the entire senior class.”

Senior Emily Gershon, Vice President of the Class of 2012, explained that the cocktail was capped because it would be too cold to have the event outside without a tent and heater, and fire codes prohibited more than 70 people inside the Broome Howard. The tickets were on sale for a day and a half before the limit was reached.

Gershon noted that a lot of students were disappointed; “I feel really bad we couldn’t sell more tickets,” she said. But she also noted that last year, the senior cocktail did not sell many tickets at all. “We really didn’t know what to expect,” she said.

Senior Julie Frank said at first she was confused at why the event was so small, but after attending the crowded cocktail, she understood the reasoning. “I was really disappointed because a lot of my friends couldn’t come, but there’s no way they could [have] fit more than 70 people here.”

Senior Camille Campanella agreed, saying, “Class participation in previous years has been relatively low… I think the fact that we capped out is extremely impressive.”

Overall, the students who attended seemed to be pleased with the event.  “I got to talk with a lot of seniors who I don’t get to see very often,” said senior Gabrielle Cantor. Senior Carmen Fuentes commented, “It’s great hanging out with awesome friends, and the cosmos are delicious.”