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Articles Tagged ‘ Vandalism ’

December 8, 200911:59 am

Public Safety Catches, Charges Spray Paint Vandal


After weeks of outrage over vandalism on campus, the community can be reassured that the person responsible has been caught and sanctioned by the College. Student Joe Ireland took responsibility for the acts of vandalism during a third interview with Public Safety on Saturday, Nov. 14.

November 16, 20099:31 pm

Students March Against Vandalism, in Support of Campus Beauty


On Sunday, Nov. 15, about 20 St. Mary’s students gathered at the Campus Center for the “Keep St. Mary’s Beautiful Walk.” The event, organized by juniors Danny Ruthenberg-Marshall and Tess Wier, was meant to voice the discontent with recent acts of vandalism on campus. Students walked around campus, posting signs at the sites of the vandalism and carrying a banner that read “Keep St. Mary’s Beautiful.” The walk ended at the community garden, where participants cleaned up the mess created a few weeks before.

November 3, 20099:00 am

Nearly One Third of Campus Tagged


Over the past few weeks, the College has been plagued by several incidents of vandalism on campus. Since it began Oct. 16, 10 College buildings and landmarks have been defaced with spray-paint. The estimated cost of repairing the damage is $2,500.

November 3, 20098:29 am

Letter from College Leadership: Respect Our Campus


As you may know, over the last few weeks, buildings on our campus have been defaced with spray paint in seven separate incidents. This is particularly surprising and dismaying for our campus that has a history of care and respect for our place. Students, faculty, and staff are disheartened by this recent vandalism. At the […]