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Articles Tagged ‘ Sex ’

May 3, 20118:44 pm

Dear Miss Meghan…



Hi Miss Meghan,
I’m a virgin and it is not that I don’t want to have sex but the longer I do not have sex the harder it gets. I get nervous that my lack of inexperience will turn boys off. Quite the catch-22. How can I get this to change?

Posted in Opinions

September 18, 201212:03 am

Ask Miss Meghan: Communication Breakdown


Dear Miss Meghan,   I’m in a relationship, and trying to figure out how to improve communication with my partner. It’s scary to ask them to talk more, and we already have some jealously/trust issues. Any advice?   -TalkToMe –   Dear TalkToMe, This is a pretty common issue that many folks face in relationships. […]

April 17, 201212:01 am

Miss Meghan: Condoms, Continued


Dear Miss Meghan, How do I choose the right condom to use?   (continued from previous article) -Willy –   Dear Willy, So, in my last article, I covered female condoms, male condoms, and why they come in different colors, flavors, and sizes. So what else do you need to know about male condoms? I […]

February 28, 201212:01 am

Don’t Be Silly – Wrap Your Willy!


Dear Miss Meghan, How do I choose the right condom to use? -Willy – Dear Willy, Great question! There are many options to choose from in terms of types of condoms to use for birth control/STI protection. The two major categories are either male condoms (that are placed over the penis or phallic shaped object) […]

February 14, 20121:01 am

Miss Meghan – “Whiskey Dick” Got You Down? Sober Up!


Dear Miss Meghan, What are the effects of alcohol on sexual functioning? -Flaccid for Now- Dear Flaccid for Now, I was going to attempt to write this article without using the words “whiskey dick” but after some serious urban dictionary time, I’ve realized that: there are too many terms that include the word flaccid, I am better […]

April 19, 201112:00 am

Ask Miss Meghan: What’s (Not) Up With E.D.?


Dear Miss Meghan,

I was hooking up with someone last weekend and I couldn’t perform. This is not the first time this has happened. Do I need to see a doctor or get Viagra?

-Down and Out

February 15, 201112:18 am

Sexpert Tells All On Sex


“I’m gonna grab your hair and hope this works out.” Much of the attitude at the Sex Therapy 101 lecture given by our very own “Sexpert,” Meghan Root, was created by such evocative statements. In college, however, what better way to grab someone’s attention than make a sex joke?

February 2, 20116:01 pm

Ask Miss Meghan: Are Condoms Really That Effective?


Dear Miss Meghan,
My friends and I were wondering if you could settle a debate for us: How effective are condoms really? The package says they are 98 percent effective, but we’ve heard a lot of stories about people getting pregnant or STIs even when a condom is used.

November 6, 20101:01 am

Miss Meghan: No One Deserves Abuse


Dear Miss Meghan,
I’ve been seeing someone casually for about a month but when he’s drunk he turns into a different person. He gets really aggressive and he’ll pin me down or block the door and I don’t ever say no to him because I want him to like me. Sometimes I don’t have the chance to tell him to stop because it happens so fast. I really like him and I don’t want him to think I’m prude or anything but sometimes I wake up with bruises I can’t account for. How can I get him to stop acting like that?

October 19, 201012:12 am

I ♥ Female Orgasm Entertains, Educates on How to Get Off


Crowds of excited, chattering students crowed together to fill in corners, aisles, laps, and arms of chairs on Oct. 14 to learn about the beliefs concerning, different types of, and ways to have a female orgasm for the program I ♥ Female Orgasm.

October 19, 201012:02 am

Ask Miss Meghan


Dear Miss Meghan,
What is your take on “implicit consent”? Should people always talk about sex before having it?
-Maybe Willing