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Articles Tagged ‘ Public Safety ’

December 6, 201112:16 am

The Boat Spreads Public Safety Thin

Public Safety monitors the safety of students living on the Sea Voyager through its post at the docks. (Photo by Justin Foreman)


Since the arrival of the boat, the effects have been noticeable on all parts of campus life. One significant shift has been the relocation of Public Safety officers which has put a strain on PS, according to the new Director of Public Safety, Dave Zylak. With the addition of, in essence, a new section of […]

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September 27, 201112:25 am

Zylak Holds First Open Hour; Discusses Public Safety Commissions

Director of Public Safety discusses Public Safety’s police commissions among other issues with a dozen students at the campus center at the first of several open hours. (Photo by Kevin Baier)


On Friday September 23, Interim Director of Public Safety Dave Zylak held the first of a regular open hour at the Campus Center to address student concerns about Public Safety’s pending police commissions. A dozen students attended and asked questions about the commissions, sexual assault, and officer training.

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August 31, 201112:05 pm

What New Students Should Know About Public Safety

The Public Safety officers of St. Mary’s College of Maryland. From left to right, first row, kneeling: Officer Mary Johnston, Office Associate II Nancy Raley, Dispatcher Rich Hall, and Interim Director David Zylak. Second row: Officer Aaron Brewster, Officer Christopher Coons, Officer Wendell Wade, and Officer Shane Cameron. Third row: Officer Michael Colvin, Dispatcher Dave Turner, Officer Lynn Klug, Seargent Tony Brooks, Officer Chris Kessler, and Corporal Keenen Enoch. Not pictured is Corporal Joe Wheeler. (Photo Courtesy of David Zylak)


New students should know that our campus is generally a safe campus but they should use some common sense rules of safety, such as traveling in pairs, locking doors, not giving out PINs or passwords, and always being aware of their surroundings.

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January 22, 20131:01 pm

New Public Safety Director Search Underway


President Joseph Urgo and Dean of Students Roberto Ifill are expected to announce their choice for the new Public Safety Director sometime in the next week or so. Their search for a suitable candidate has taken close to a year and represents a marked departure from the administration’s past search efforts. Previously, candidates have been […]

September 13, 201112:05 am

PS: Transparency is a Two-Way Street


Transparency is a bit of an issue on this campus. Will Public Safety officers, now that they will soon have the power to arrest and detain students, act like Cinderella’s mean stepsisters, knowing the parent administration will keep anything unsavory under wraps and as such unaccounted for? Only time will tell.

August 31, 201112:12 pm

Public Safety to Become Commissioned Police Officers


All ten Public Safety officers and Interim Director of Public Safety, Dave Zylak, are currently in the process of obtaining official police commissions from the state of Maryland.

May 3, 201112:21 am

College Welcomes New Interim Director


Dave Zylak, who served as St. Mary’s County Sheriff and the County’s Director of Public Safety, has began his position as the College’s Interim Director. (Photo by Kevin Baier)

Dave Zylak, former St. Mary’s County Director of Public Safety and, before that, the County Sheriff, officially entered his position as St. Mary’s Interim Director of Public Safety on April 25. Now in the Public Safety Office behind the Michael P. O’Brien Athletics and Recreation Center, Zylak is beginning to learn the intricacies of the College community and his own Public Safety staff, including safety and communications officers.

April 12, 201112:33 pm

Director of Public Safety Resigns

By and

Former Director of Public Safety, Chief Christopher M. Santiago (Photo from

On Tuesday, April 12, Dean of Students Laura Bayless confirmed that former Director of Public Safety Christopher Santiago is no longer employed with St. Mary’s College. Santiago, who formerly served as the Assistant Director of Campus Safety for Keene State College in New Hampshire, began his work as Director of Public Safety on Sept. 7, 2010, making his tenure just over seven months long.

September 22, 20109:23 am

Alumnus Arrested Amongst Increasing Alcohol Incidents

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The sheriff’s office has visited campus multiple times this semester. The police were called on at least three separate occasions.

September 22, 20109:21 am

Towing Rates Up, to Relax Somewhat

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As of Friday, September 18, 62 cars had been towed from the College campus because of parking violations. Though the number is higher than previous years, public safety says that the rules haven’t changed.

September 22, 20109:08 am

New Director of PS Discusses Plans for Campus Security


There’s a new face around campus, and it’s not just the lonely, lost First-years. The new Director of Public Safety, Chief Christopher Santiago, arrived on campus just over two weeks ago, on Sept. 7, and already has a few projects in the works and big ideas for the St. Mary’s community.