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Articles Tagged ‘ Living Wage ’

April 17, 201212:18 am

Students, Staff Protest in Living Rage Rally

Students gathered and rallied throughout campus to show support for the College's staff and the Living Wage Campaign (Photo submitted by Ashok Chandwaney)


On Friday afternoon, April 13, a crowd of students, faculty, and staff members marched across campus to raise awareness about how staff members at the College are not receiving a living wage. The members of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) called the rally “Living Rage.” “This march is to show how serious we are,” […]

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May 1, 201212:01 am

From the Chief’s Desk: Expressing Our Ideas


I’m going to preface this Opinion piece by saying that in less than two weeks I will be a St. Mary’s College Graduate and thus am feeling quite nostalgic. With that being said I will begin my very last From The Chief’s Desk (not that I’ve done many this year). I wrote earlier in the […]

January 31, 201212:00 am

President Urgo, let’s make a campus living wage a reality

By , and

Dear President Urgo, We were happy to read your recent all-campus email describing your anticipation for the semester ahead.  We too feel an exhilarating mix of trepidation for the future and enthusiasm for the potential held in the present.  Potential, especially, for our ability to make a positive change for the frequently overlooked community members […]

March 11, 201012:13 pm

Students Can Fight for Living Wage in County


For many of us as students on-campus, our interactions with the St. Mary’s community do not reach far beyond the weekend run to Sheetz or Chipotle. Despite how we may distance ourselves from our neighbors, though, their fate impacts our own.