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Articles Tagged ‘ Hip Hop ’

April 3, 201212:05 am

Students Celebrate Hip-Hop and History in Weeklong Event

The second day of the five-day event included a panel discussion on the history of hip-hop, lead by Mazi Mutafa and Jason Nichols. (Photo by Kristin Seymour)


From March 28 to April 1, the Student Government Association (SGA) Programs Board sponsored 5 Days of Hip-Hop with the help of the Dance Club; Political Science Professor, Sahar Shafqat; Museum Studies Professor, Julia A. King; and the Black Student Union (BSU). Sophomore Anuli Duru, the organizer of the event, described it in an All-Student […]

February 15, 201112:01 am

Your Parents Were Right… About Hip Hop


Remember when you were in middle school, and your mom walked into your bedroom to find you dancing to “What’s Your Fantasy” (a raunchy Ludacris song), flailing your arms around like you were directing air traffic? Remember the horrified expression on her face as she set your CD on fire and forbade you from ever listening to rap music again?