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Articles Tagged ‘ Health ’

September 25, 201212:02 am

Legitimate Rape, Rep. Akin? Legitimately Offensive.


This article contains sensitive material regarding sexual violence which may be triggering for some.  If you are triggered by this article and you would like to talk with someone please call:   Sexual Assault/Wellness Advocate Meghan K. Root, MA, MEd (240) 895-4289   First Responders Network (301) 904-2015   Imagine a scenario in which, though […]

September 18, 201212:03 am

Ask Miss Meghan: Communication Breakdown


Dear Miss Meghan,   I’m in a relationship, and trying to figure out how to improve communication with my partner. It’s scary to ask them to talk more, and we already have some jealously/trust issues. Any advice?   -TalkToMe –   Dear TalkToMe, This is a pretty common issue that many folks face in relationships. […]

May 1, 201212:16 am

Nitze Fellow Delaunay Talks About Adaptations in Global Health


Sophie Delaunay, the U.S. director of Doctors Without Borders/ Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), returned to St. Mary’s for the third time in her capacity as the Nitze Senior Fellow 2011-2012 to deliver her final lecture, “Adapting to Recent Developments in Global Health.” Michael Taber, Assistant Professor of Philosophy and the Director of the Nitze Scholars […]

April 17, 201212:01 am

Miss Meghan: Condoms, Continued


Dear Miss Meghan, How do I choose the right condom to use?   (continued from previous article) -Willy –   Dear Willy, So, in my last article, I covered female condoms, male condoms, and why they come in different colors, flavors, and sizes. So what else do you need to know about male condoms? I […]

February 28, 201212:10 am

Safer Sex Week on the Commons, Fun Ways to Promote Safe Sex


Students were invited to join the Peer Health Educators in celebrating Safer Sex Week, an event that ran Feb. 13 through 17. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Peer Health Educators tabled in the Campus Center Monday through Wednesday, discussing issues of consent, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI), and birth control, offering candy and condom demonstrations. […]

October 6, 20098:58 am

College Holds Health Care Forum


In response to the controversial meetings held by various members of Congress this summer, on Monday, Sept. 28, the College held its own open forum meeting on health care reform.

September 22, 20098:05 am

Health Center Prepares for H1N1


College students are being widely diagnosed with the H1N1 virus all across the country, and experts say its spread on college campuses will continue as the annual flu season begins this fall. H1N1 – also widely known as the Swine Flu — is a new influenza virus that causes mild to severe illness in people, […]

December 9, 200811:52 am

Students Protect against Lice Outbreak


Fear not. The lice outbreak that had many students in a near-panic was successfully stopped by the separation of students during Thanksgiving break. The break offered any infected students the opportunity to go home and treat themselves. Karen Mumbert,  Assistant Director of Health Services, says that she is “impressed by the willing students” who were […]