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Articles Tagged ‘ Gaypril ’

April 17, 201212:16 am

STARS and LGBTQ Celebrate Gaypril on Campus

Students and Faculty tabled at the "Out on the Patio" even at the Campus Center. Free t-shirts were distributed, along with stickers and rinks. Music was also provided. (Photo by Kevin Baier)


This month Gaypril is being celebrated at St. Mary’s; it is a month that is dedicated to celebrating gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, questioning and other non-heteronormative students through a number of outlets, including (though not necessarily limited to) movie screenings, speakers, and performances. This month, there have been – and will continue to be – […]

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May 3, 201112:12 am

Students Celebrate “Gaypril” with Parade, Rally, Panel and Drag Show

Nearly 100 students marched from Dorchester Hall to the Campus Center on April 24 to celebrate queer-pride during a weeks worth of “Gaypril” events. (Photo by Dave Chase)

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This past Monday April 24, free sno-cones, popcorn, and t-shirts kicked off a queer-pride celebration on campus known as “Gaypril.” The week featured a variety of events both celebrating queer culture and acknowledging the human rights work and intolerance that must still be overcome. The week featured a wide variety of events ranging from a St. Mary’s Project presentation on gay marriage, a pride parade, a day of silence, and a Drag Show.

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