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Articles Tagged ‘ Environment ’

November 15, 201112:20 am

“Bag It” Urges Bagging Plastic Use

Dunlap discusses statistics relating to overuse and waste of plastic bags in the nation. (Photo by Yujia Dong)


Sorry Barbie, but it turns out that a life in plastic is not so fantastic after all. On Wednesday, Nov. 9 in Cole Cinema, the Center for Study of Democracy, the League of Women Voters, and the Environmental Studies Department co-sponsored the showing of “Bag It,” a documentary by Jeb Berrier that investigates plastics and […]

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May 1, 201212:21 am

Sustainability Intern Positions to Continue Next Year


In light of College and State of Maryland budget crises this year, the recently terminated Sustainability Fellow position is not scheduled to be reinstated next year despite considerable campus support. Begun in 2008 as a one-year fellowship program, the Sustainability Fellow position was designed as the only full-time sustainability office position. The person holding this […]

October 18, 201112:23 am

College’s Sustainability Initiatives Still Going Strong


St. Mary’s touts itself as a green school, and yet some alumni were still wondering why the College has not shown up in any prestigious green school rankings, such as The Princeton Review, Sierra Club’s Cool Schools, or the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education’s (AASHE) Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System (STARS).

October 6, 20098:59 am

Student Eco-reps Are "Environmental Resources"


This semester, students in the dormitories will notice a new presence encouraging them to be more eco-friendly. The presence, a group of students known as “eco-reps,” will be running a number of programs designed to make dorm residents more conscious of the energy that they use.

March 31, 20099:57 am

Campus Turns Out the Lights to Celebrate Earth Hour


On March 28, lights went out across the globe at 8:30 p.m. local time.  Starting with New Zealand, countries around the world began to turn off their lights as part of Earth Hour 2009.  Las Vegas, Nevada, went dark, as did Times Square in New York City. As the official Flagship Campus of Maryland for […]

March 10, 200912:00 pm

Students Brave Snow, Police at Protest


Over a dozen St. Mary’s students passionate about the environment protested the use of coal energy in what has been called, “The biggest act of civil disobedience against global warming in American history”. The protest against the Capitol Power Plant, which occurred Monday, March 2, was attended by over a hundred organizing groups, and led […]

March 10, 200911:59 am

82 St. Mary’s Students Get Eco-Active at Power Shift


On Feb. 27, over 11,000 people, most between the ages of 18 and 24, congregated in D.C. for the largest conference on energy and climate change in the nation’s history.  Power Shift 2009, run by the Energy Action Coalition, was held at the DC Convention Center from Friday, Feb. 27 to Monday, March 2. The […]

December 9, 200811:56 am

St. Mary’s Tries Integrated Pest Management


This year, the College is setting up bird and bat houses in the hopes that their future denizens will cut down on the pest population. The Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program was brought to the college by Supervisor of Grounds Kevin Mercer after he heard about a similar program at the University of Maryland.  The […]

December 9, 200811:43 am

Is a Sprinkler System on the Greens Necessary?


To the College Community: I am writing in response to the irrigation system that has been installed on the Townhouse Greens.  Although the system may improve campus aesthetics, it runs counter to many of the ideals that we purport to hold as a campus community.  Saint Mary’s College has consistently made a concerted effort to […]

November 18, 200811:59 am

College Recovers, Looks Ahead after REC Setback


St. Mary’s students are looking towards a future of on-site renewable energy after a mistake by the college’s energy provider left 40 percent of the college’s energy consumption uncovered by Renewable Energy Credits (RECs). These new plans arose after the College found that the Southern Maryland Energy Cooperative (SMECO) had neglected to read the largest […]

November 18, 200811:56 am

Construction Plans Meet with Resistance from Community and Students at CDA Meeting


On Thursday, Nov. 13th the Capital Design Advisory Committee (CDA) met to review upcoming design projects for St. Mary’s College. These projects include the Shoreline Protection Project, and status reports on Anne Arundel Hall, the Interpretive Center and the footbridge. While the meeting was informative, students and local community members of the Citizens for the […]