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Articles Tagged ‘ Dance Club Politics ’

May 3, 201112:02 am

Counterpoint: Dance Club Exposes the Expose


The last issue of The Point News featured a very eloquently written opinion piece attempting to expose the beams of the cherished St. Mary’s Dance Club. The opinion is respected; however, the claims are extremely generalized. Is it fair to paint the “mole hill” problems of a minority into a “mountain” of a problem for the whole organization? I think Tyler Perry would disagree. It is important to remember before venturing further through the fields of this response that hearsay is not knowledge.

April 19, 201112:02 am

Dance Club: The Good, The Bad… No, Just the Ugly


Everyone knows that Dance Show is one of the most popular events on campus. Every semester Dance Show draws in hundreds of attendees, all expecting an exhibition of student-choreographed work that displays an artistic side of the SMCM student body that’s not often seen in the classrooms and lecture halls. Dance Show is generally good for the campus, but internally it looks like a mix between a bad Tyler Perry film and a three-ring circus.