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Articles Tagged ‘ Civil Rights Movement ’

February 28, 201212:07 am

Jeffrey Coleman Presents Poetry from the Civil Rights Movement in VOICES Reading Series

Associate Professor of English Jeffrey Coleman collected civil rights-era poetry as a hobby for years, and has recently published an anthology on the time period. (Photo Courtesy of Southern Maryland News)


The spring season of the VOICES Reading Series continued with Associate Professor of English Jeffrey Coleman. Coleman presented works from his book of poetry and his upcoming anthology of poetry from the Civil Rights Movement before a crowd of students in Daugherty-Palmer Commons on Feb. 16. Assistant Professor Karen Anderson introduced Coleman, telling the audience […]

November 6, 20101:09 am

Voices: Legal Laureates

Karl Carter, one of the two poets who presented at this week’s VOICES lecture, used potent imagery connected to his cultural heritage. (Photo by Justin Foreman)


On the evening of Oct. 28, poets Brian Gilmore and Karl Carter read and discussed their poetry. Despite such similarities as some of their poems being based on their experiences as both practicing lawyers and prolific poets in Washington, D.C., Gilmore and Carter had different styles that nonetheless complemented each other.

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