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Articles Tagged ‘ Campus Community ’

May 3, 201112:23 am

Forums Discuss Civility, Improving St. Mary’s


While much of the controversy over the Chick-fil-a boycott has subsided, at least in outward expressions, many on campus have taken the aftermath to consider how St. Mary’s can be a safer, more open and respectful place where discussion about important and potentially divisive issues can happen in positive and constructive ways. Several recent meetings and forums on this issue have facilitated discussions on the presence of prejudice on campus, the role of civility, the difference between tolerance and respect, and what students, faculty and staff can do to build the type of community they would like to live and work in.

March 22, 201112:04 am

Urgo Urges For Campus Civility


Dear St. Mary’s College Community:

In conversations with students, faculty, and staff over the last few weeks, a recurring theme of civility on campus has emerged. Simply put, the word on the banks of the St. Mary’s River is that people are becoming less nice.

November 16, 201012:03 am

Student Trustee: Who We Are at St. Mary’s


The name St. Mary’s College of Maryland is steeped in meaning and tradition. We have long identified ourselves based on the sense of community people experience when they come here, or when they visit. As an institution, we have never doubted who we are, or what we do.

October 6, 20098:55 am

Board of Trustees Meets, Gives Updates Regarding Campus Community


On Saturday Oct. 3, the St. Mary’s Board of Trustees held their annual quarterly meeting. After an executive session during which the Board discussed the presidential candidates, the meeting was opened to the public. Among the first items brought up was the new emergency student fund, which so far has helped more than 21 students. […]