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Articles Tagged ‘ Board of Trustees ’

February 22, 20132:25 pm

Update from Student Trustee Alex Walls


Dear St. Mary’s Community, As the Feb. 23 Board of Trustee Meeting quietly approaches, I would like to take the time to talk about what will be happening this weekend. Among other conversations regarding Master Planning and Strategic Planning, the Board will be setting tuition, room, and board rates for the next academic year. The […]

April 3, 201212:20 am

Board of Trustees Decide Tuition for 2012-2013 School Year


On Saturday, March 10, the Board of Trustees voted to raise tuition by four percent for both in-state and out-of-state students for the 2012-2013 school year. The ruling, decided by unanimous vote, means that in-state tuition costs will jump from $12,005 to $12,485, a $480 increase, and out-of-state will go up $963 from $24,082 to […]

February 28, 201212:16 am

Tuition Discussed at Board of Trustees Meeting


At the General Session of the meeting of the St. Mary’s Board of Trustees on Feb. 25, sophomore Michael Killius was announced as the new Student Trustee-in-Training, and the controversial topic of the tuition raise for the 2012-2013 academic year was also discussed. Current Student Trustee Maurielle Stewart introduced Killius, saying, “I’m sure he will represent […]

March 1, 201112:18 am

Board of Trustees: New Faces, New Goals, New Discussions to have


In addition to tuition increases, there were several developments during the Board of Trustees’ third quarterly meeting on Feb. 26.

February 15, 201112:03 am

Tuition Increases Likely for All Students


Allow me to apologize in advance, because most of what you’re about to read will not be good news. There will be a tuition increase this year – likely around six percent for in-state and an equal dollar amount for out-of-state.

February 2, 20116:00 pm

An Offshore Account Comes Free With the Position


As we dive deeper into the search process for the 2012-2013 Student Trustee, I’d like to take an opportunity to fill you all in on what the Student Trustee actually does that makes the position moderately important.

December 7, 20109:16 am

Trustees Discuss Finances, Future


Concerns over a tuition increase, budgeting, and the availability of scholarships dominated the conversation at the Board of Trustees’ second quarterly meeting of the academic year.

November 16, 201012:11 am

Trustee Profile: Sherrie Bailey


Sherrie Bailey, ‘81, St. Mary’s Alum and Judge for the Circuit Court for Baltimore County, is this week’s featured member of the Board of Trustees. Bailey became a Trustee in 2005 while she was an Assistant State’s Attorney for Baltimore City.

October 19, 201012:17 am

Board Meeting Marks Several Firsts


There was a lot of love for President Joe Urgo at this year’s first Board of Trustees general session. The meeting, held on the Saturday during fall break, was Molly Mahoney Matthews’s first as the Chair of the Board of Trustees and also marked the first held with President Joe Urgo at the head of St. Mary’s College of Maryland.

October 9, 20101:47 am

Trustee Profile: Neil Irwin


Neil Irwin, economics reporter for the Washington Post and St. Mary’s alum is the focus of this weeks Trustee Profile. Irwin graduated from St. Mary’s in 2000 and began as an intern at the Washington Post the same year.