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Articles Tagged ‘ Alumni ’

October 18, 201112:28 am

College Celebrates Fifth Annual Hawktoberfest

Men’s soccer played a close game against Stevenson University Hawktoberfest weekend. (Photo by Kristin Seymour)

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On September 30th and October 1st 2011 St. Mary’s College celebrated its fifth annual Hawktoberfest and Parent’s Weekend. In its latest iteration Hawktoberfest is concurrent with Parent’s Weekend and includes The Great Bamboo Boat Races, athletic events, and live music, lectures, tours, and a variety of other events.

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August 30, 201110:39 pm

Current Students, Alumni Arrested at Protest


Seven St. Mary’s students and alumni joined author Bill McKibben, climate scientist Dr. James Hansen, and representatives of Canada’s impacted First Nations in the daily protests against the Keystone Pipeline. Over 2,000 people from all 50 states are expected to take part in the two week sit-in at the White House, which began Saturday, August 20, and will end on Saturday, September 3.

March 1, 201112:15 am

Anonymous Graduating Donor Helps Future Students


In a generous act of kindness, a member of the class of 2011 has decided to donate $1,000 to the St. Mary’s College of Maryland Fund.

November 6, 20101:06 am

Golf tournament In Swing After Delay


The second annual Hawktober Festival Golf Tournament, an 18-hole competition hosted by the College Alumni Office and Athletics Department, finally took place on Oct. 29 after an initial delay earlier in the month due to weather conditions.

October 9, 20101:47 am

Trustee Profile: Neil Irwin


Neil Irwin, economics reporter for the Washington Post and St. Mary’s alum is the focus of this weeks Trustee Profile. Irwin graduated from St. Mary’s in 2000 and began as an intern at the Washington Post the same year.

October 9, 20101:36 am

Hawktoberfest 2010: A College Athletic Celebration


The St. Mary’s Hawktoberfest, held last Friday through Sunday alongside the College’s Family Weekend, saw a host of activities to commemorate the past, present, and future athleticism of St. Mary’s.

September 22, 20109:23 am

Alumnus Arrested Amongst Increasing Alcohol Incidents

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The sheriff’s office has visited campus multiple times this semester. The police were called on at least three separate occasions.

September 22, 20109:18 am



In an attempt to more efficiently organize Alumni Relations while providing more comfortable accommodations for alumni returning to campus, renovations began over the summer on the Rectory, the center for returning alumni on campus.

April 27, 201012:07 pm

College Alumni Sarah Koh Interns for Weekend Edition NPR


The following is an interview on Friday, April 16 with Sarah Koh, ’09, an intern for Weekend Edition on NPR. What year did you graduate from St. Mary’s, and with what degree? I graduated from St. Mary’s college this past May in 2009. I majored in political science and I minored in film and media […]

March 30, 201011:56 am

Periodic Review Report: What Students Do After Graduation


Every five years, a college has to undergo an accreditation called a Periodic Review Report (PRR). As part of St. Mary’s PRR, the college has released statistics gathered about, among other things, life as an alumni. All data in the graphs is as of 2006.

October 19, 20096:47 pm

Students and Alumni Vocal, Board Still Silent on Presidential Candidate Search


Halfway through October, there is still no word on the College’s next president. The Board of Trustees will meet Monday, Oct.18 to discuss the presidential search in a closed session by teleconference, a conversation that began at their last executive session on Oct. 3. As the Board deliberates, the campus buzzes with speculation and differing perspectives on the candidates.

Two weeks ago, at the conclusion of the presidential candidates’ campus visits, the Presidential Search Committee delivered their recommendations to the Board of Trustees. The recommendations have not been disclosed.